What are the 6 types of commercial garage doors?

commercial garage door Las Vegas

Let’s face it: if your house has an attached garage that faces the street, folks will undoubtedly notice your large garage door as they pass by or pull up to the driveway. As a result, while selecting a commercial garage door Las Vegas, you need to be attentive.

The six most popular styles of garage doors are sectional, roll-up, sliding to the side, side hooked, adjustable canopy, and rotational retractable. You must also choose the door’s composition, finish, color, and any additional features you desire, such as windows, insulation, or hardware.

Although front entry doors often receive the most attention, your home’s curb appeal can actually be made or broken by the overhead garage door. We’ve broken down the various garage door kinds to assist in simplifying the task and taught you a couple of things about every one of them to make matters simple if you’re already feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Garage Doors That Roll-Up

Roll-up gates are a straightforward design choice made for spaces with little ceiling space; you’ll generally encounter more of them in commercial uses than residential ones. The 2″–3″ steel slat pieces used in this design roll around with a drum above the garage door.

Roll-up or coiling doors can be constructed without springy or enclosed to avoid rust, corrosion, and freezing, and they are made to resist extensive usage.

Garage Doors in Section

Sectional garage doors are the most common in the United States. They are constructed of panel parts joined by hinges. Wheels at the bottom of each panel move within vertical tracks on every side of the garage door entrance when it opens and closes. Over a curved piece of the track, the connectors between each section of the panel bend. With this function, the door may be fully opened to be parallel to the roof or fully closed to be level with the walls.

Door Hinges on the Side

Side-hinged garage doors are an antique style that open and close from a pivoted frame along either side of the entrance. They are normally constructed of wood and resemble enormous barn doors; however, more industrial-style coated steel gates are also offered.

These traditional doors have become increasingly popular recently, particularly for garages with impediments or little headroom. You may buy pre-hung steel frames for side-hinged garage doors or have them customized to match an existing opening.

Garage Doors that Sliding to the Side

As its name suggests, the sliding to the side garage door works by sliding to one side of the car and sitting adjacent to the wall. These were some of the first methods of operation, and they were initially used in garages with limited headroom. They move upon lower trolleys that can adapt to modest floor or ceiling slopes thanks to their flexibility. Slide to the side doors include an integrated retractable motor that enables automatic functioning with no need for a ceiling-mounted controller and does not necessitate balancing springs.

Retractable Tilt-Up/Up and Over Garage Doors

The tilt-up foldable garage doors pull up and then into the garage in a manner akin to the tilt-up roof design. In comparison to canopy garage doors, this arrangement requires more room.

Garage Doors with a Tilt-Up/Up and Over Aperture

The tilt-up ceiling garage doors, like side-hinged designs, are formed of a single, solid component rather than being divided into portions. They may tilt up into the garage thanks to a rotating hinge system. When the door is open, the canopy-style door stretches the past front of the house and rests straight to the garage ceiling.

It’s simple to get ahead and start exploring your alternatives when choosing the garage door repair in Las Vegas that’s perfect for your company and easy to maintain it. But the list may easily become overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re searching for.


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