How can you change your manual garage door into an automatic?

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Your garage is a crucial and wonderful feature of your house. A garage provides enough space where you can store your belongings, park your car, and even create a workshop. You can use your garage for other purposes as well. However, if you have a manual garage door, then you might feel it a little inconvenient to open and close your garage door manually every time you need to use it. So, you will be delighted to know that there are a few ways in which you can change your manual garage door into an automatic one.

If you wish to know the procedure of how to change your manual garage door into an automatic, then here are the details for you. You will need good garage door service in Las Vegas.

How to change a manual garage door to an automatic one?

Usually, professionals need to know the procedure of changing a manual garage door into an automatic one. However, if you wish to upgrade your garage door, you should know the installation process completely. Only then you can make decisions regarding your garage door switch. The steps of this procedure are:

  1. Know the type of the door

Not all kinds of garage doors will have the same conversion processes because those doors have different operations.

A canopy garage door comes with a mechanism overhead spring that can lift the door up. It also helps in keeping a part of the door’s lower portion protruding from the garage when it is open. Sectional doors come with horizontal panels on hinges that can help the door to move on a curve when it goes up and down. These are the most common types of garage doors and also the easiest ones to convert into automatic one.

However, unlike sectional garage doors, canopy garage doors are not good options to turn into automatic garage doors. You can turn them by changing their tracks to horizontal. The spring mechanism will then change into a device like a bow arm before adding the motor.

  1. Know the condition of your garage door

Not all garage doors can be turned into an automatic; thus, before starting the procedure, you need to check the condition of your garage door carefully. Check if it can close and open without any obstructions within the frame.

If your garage door is fully functional, installers can then convert it into an automatic. However, if your garage door has broken cables, stiff operation, or even if it is off-center from its track, then you need to think carefully.

  1. Determine the ability of your garage door

The motor of the new garage door will have to go above the door. The door should have enough headroom to work properly with the motor installed. That also needs a good power source; thus, the door should have access to the electrical outlets.

  1. Install a new door

Most garage door openers come with details instructions regarding system components, controls, and motor setup. Before programming the opener, you should know the process of making electrical connections between the garage and the automatic system. Nowadays, most openers come with a manual, and hence, you can know the procedure of converting the door into an automatic.

  1. You need to buy a door opener

The openers of the automatic garage doors are versatile, just like the automatic garage doors. You can find them in different sizes and shapes for both sectional and roller doors. So, you need to choose the option as per your requirements.

Therefore, as converting manual garage doors into automatic ones is not a very easy task, you should contact a garage door company that is good in Emergency garage door repair in Las Vegas.


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