Carnations – the floral embodiment of the divine

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When you are deeply in love, your heart skips beats at the sight of your beloved, and there’s nothing better than receiving flowers from him/her to make you feel special and loved. Carnations are without a doubt the best flowers you can give to someone as they hold deep spiritual and romantic meanings that can’t be expressed in words. If you want to know what they mean, continue reading this article and get to know them better before you order them from a florist in Broken Arrow OK.

Everything about Carnations

Carnations are a species of flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae, native to the Mediterranean region. The name carnation is derived from the Latin caro, meaning flesh, as in caro vinum, flesh wine. Carnations are widely cultivated as ornamental plants, and many hybrids have been produced. The most common color is pink, but white, red, yellow, and purple also occur naturally.

Flower power in Ancient Rome

Carnations were believed to have originated in Ancient Rome, and their name is derived from the Latin ‘carnem’, meaning flesh or meat. The Ancient Romans associated carnations with the gods, and used them as offerings in temples. Carnations were also thought to have special powers and were used in spells and charms. In Ancient Rome, carnations symbolized power and wealth and were often given as gifts to the emperor.

Carnation symbolism today

Carnations are widely known as the flower of gods and have been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. Today, they continue to be a popular choice for religious and spiritual events, as their meaning has not changed. Carnations represent love, faith, and purity, making them the perfect way to show your devotion to someone or something. As a symbol of modesty, they promote chastity.

History of carnations

The carnation’s history: There is evidence that carnations were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who had an affinity with the natural world; it was believed that all flowers were gifts from goddesses like Aphrodite (the goddess of love) and Flora (the goddess of flowers). They also linked flowers with death because so many died each year at this time.

The symbolism behind pink carnations

In many ancient cultures, flowers were seen as sacred gifts from the gods. The carnation, with its ruffled petals and deep color, was seen as a particularly special flower. Pink carnations in particular were often associated with the goddesses of love and beauty. Today, pink carnations are still seen as a symbol of love and appreciation. Whether you’re giving them to a loved one or displaying them in your home, these beautiful flowers are sure to bring a touch of the divine into your life.

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