Overview of Online Transcription Companies


Online transcription companies like LiveType offer professional-looking transcriptions of your audio files. Transcription services, whether online or offline, are a growing industry. One company has already replaced 150 human transcribers with AI technology. This subject explains what this means for the future and how it might affect you if you want to use transcripts in your writing.

Online transcription companies provide you with the ability to have your words transcribed and typed without having to worry about peeking over your shoulder or worrying that the wrong word was typed.

What are the different types of online transcription companies?

There are a few different types of online transcription companies. The first type is a transcription company that specializes in transcribing audio recordings. They generally charge a higher rate than companies that specialize in the transcription of text because they require more time to transcribe audio recordings accurately. The second type of company is a company that specializes in the transcription of the text. They generally charge a lower rate than companies that specialize in the transcription of audio recordings because they require less time to transcribe text accurately. The last type of company is a hybrid company that combines the features of the first and second types of companies.

Services and features are offered.

There are a number of different types of online transcription companies, and each one offers its own unique set of services and features. Depending on your needs, some companies may be better suited for transcription duties than others.

The five main types of online transcription companies are: 

– Professional transcriptionists 

– Virtual assistants 

– Subscription services 

– One-time services

Each type of company offers its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s essential to choose the right company for the specific task at hand. Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting an online transcription company.

Price: The price of an online transcription service can vary widely, depending on the features included in the package. Some subscription services offer very affordable rates, while others are more expensive but offer more features. 

Speed & Quality: The rate of an online transcription company can also vary widely, depending on the size and complexity of the project. Some companies are faster than others, but all will usually produce high-quality transcripts. 

Transcription Services Offered: Most online transcription companies offer a variety of transcription services, including text transcription, voice recognition, and transcript creation. It’s important

Benefits of online transcription companies

Online transcription companies offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. These companies can help you with a variety of tasks, including transcription, translation, and voice recognition. Below are some of the most important reasons to use an online transcription company. 

Speed-Many online transcription companies have fast turnaround times, making it easy for you to get your work done quickly. 

Accuracy-The quality of translations and transcriptions provided by online transcription companies is always high. 

Customization-You can customize the services that each online transcription company provides to fit your needs perfectly. 

Cost savings-Using an online transcription company can save you money on costs associated with hiring a professional translator or voice recognition specialist. Online transcription companies offer many benefits to their customers. Some of the benefits include The ability to work from anywhere in the world. Faster turnaround times than traditional transcription services. Low cost compared to traditional transcription services.


When you are looking for an online transcription company that can provide high-quality, accurate transcripts at a fraction of the cost of traditional transcription services, then check out our list of top 5 online transcription companies. Each company on our list offers a variety of transcription services, and all offer 100% satisfaction guarantees. So whether you are looking for simple or complex transcriptions, we have the perfect company for you!


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