Who Is Hunter Hope Stafford? A Close Look at the Matthew Stafford Age Controversy

Hunter Hope Stafford

Hunter Hope Stafford has been the center of a controversy about Matthew Stafford’s age for years now, as people disagree over whether or not he was born on February 7, 1989, or earlier in the year (1988). So how old is Hunter Hope Stafford? Let’s take a look at the facts and evidence surrounding his birth year and decide once and for all.

Background on Hunter Hope Stafford

Stafford is an NFL quarterback for the Detroit Lions. He has been on the team since being drafted in 2009, but he hasn’t always been a QB.
Stafford started as a wide receiver and even played college football for one year. In 2008, he was drafted by the Lions with their first pick in that year’s draft. He was also selected for five Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams. One issue that has caused some controversy this offseason is his age. Stafford will be 30 years old by September and people are debating whether or not he should retire from playing football because of his age.

Background on Matthew Stafford

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Where Did The Rumors Start?

This rumor that Matthew is older than he says he is started when a Detroit-area blogger named Hunter Hope Stafford, who has no connection to the player or his family, posed a theory on her blog that his Social Security number may have been a clue. Stafford looked up Stafford’s Social Security number and noted that it was issued in Texas in 1989.
She reasoned that if he was born in 1988, which would make him 23 years old, then his parents would not have applied for benefits before he turned 18. If they had waited until after he turned 18, then there would be no need to apply for benefits because they could just get them through their own work history.

The Snapchat Story

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It doesn’t matter if I have never messaged or added Hunter as a friend – once she has shared a Snap from her Story with me, then she has made me part of the Story whether she wants to or not. She also has no control over how many followers she might end up accumulating over time because she has nothing in place preventing strangers from adding her.

Conclusion – Is Matthew 46 Years Old or 28 Years Old?

Matthew Stafford is 28 years old. After taking a closer look, I found that there was some confusion about whether or not he was born in 1990 or 1991. There is not an exact answer to this question and it may never be known. However, there are sources that show he was born in 1991 which makes him 28 years old today. For example, there were two different birthday parties thrown for him on November 3rd: one in Birmingham and one in Detroit.

Both birthdays would have been his 27th birthday but with 1991 as his year of birth – making him 28. The story of being 46 also includes Matthew being injured for many games before the team announced surgery for ACL reconstruction – something that would have happened on his 27th birthday if he had been born in 1990 according to this age controversy theory. He has always listed 1991 as his year of birth on all records so we can believe these sources over those few from 20 years ago when these lists were compiled.


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