Emily Frlekin, J. D. Pardo’s Wife: The Reality Star We Deserve

Emily Frlekin

Emily Frlekin just might be the most relatable reality star on television today. Perhaps that’s why fans are so eager to learn more about her — or perhaps they’re just hoping she’ll be an even bigger trainwreck than any of the other contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette have been over the years. Either way, Emily Frlekin, J. D. Pardo’s wife has some pretty awesome qualities that make her stand out from the crowd, and it doesn’t look like she plans on letting fame go to her head anytime soon.

How they met

Emily Frlekin and her then-boyfriend (now husband) J.D. Pardo met at Penn State in 2002, when he was the quarterback for the Nittany Lions football team and she was a cheerleader for the team’s rivals the University of Pennsylvania Quakers who were also attending Penn State to play hockey while completing their degrees in finance and management. Emily was born with rheumatoid arthritis but developed an interest in sports at a young age, as both of her parents were athletes and she was encouraged by her grandmother and her family to never give up on anything she wants to do.
Emily Frlekin turned out to be worth taking a chance on, though; not only is she gorgeous, but we all learned just how smart Emily is during last season’s Vanderpump Rules reunion show episode. At one point, when questioned about how she balances everything from modeling to managing real estate properties in Philadelphia and New York City, Emily gave this response: I am very hands-on when it comes to my day job. You can say that again!


Emily Frlekin is a reality star we deserve. Not only does she have the best fashion sense on Instagram, but she also has an amazing sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s smart, driven, and not to mention gorgeous! Here are some of her most memorable quotes that we love: I’m not like other girls so I don’t need to date them either. Love is like buying a house — you gotta look at the foundation before you buy it. Emily Frlekin knows this.
In her quest for the perfect partner, Emily was able to go through what seemed like hundreds of bad dates until she found one that worked out in the end. I didn’t think dating would be hard, Emily says, but when you go into it knowing how things should be as opposed to just taking whatever comes your way–it gets a little tricky.
Even with all this time wasted on bad relationships (and by wasting, we mean searching for something better), Emily found Mr. Right in actor/producer J.D. Pardo who helped her build her perfect life together with his cooking skills and working lifestyle–Emily can now enjoy having a meal made for her without having to work up any sweat or dishes afterwards!

Beauty secrets

Emily Frlekin is the wife of America’s Next Top Model contestant and lawyer, J.D. Pardo. But she was a successful reality star in her own right before meeting her husband! In fact, Emily is an entrepreneur and founder of Pretty Little Things that provides high-quality products for women on-the-go like make up brushes, hair extensions and false lashes; all travel sized so you can take your glam anywhere! Emily also has a great beauty routine that she shares with her followers on Instagram for those looking for advice!

What she’s obsessed with

Emily Frlekin is a reality star we deserve! Not only is she the wife of J.D. Pardo from Teen Mom OG, but she also runs her own business and blogs about topics that are important to her like mental health and relationships. I love Emily because she isn’t afraid to be herself on TV (even if that means getting into arguments with her mom-in-law) or on social media (like when she posted a fun picture of herself with a big ole’ zit on her forehead).
She looks like someone I would want to be friends with in real life, which is why I’m excited for the new season of Teen Mom OG coming up soon! If you haven’t checked out Emily Frlekin’s blog yet, do it now — you’ll find it super relatable!

Endorsements she loves

Emily Frlekin is best known for her stint on Bravo TV show Married at First Sight where she got married to a man she had never met before, but after living together for just three weeks, filed for divorce and said it was the worst mistake of her life.
Emily has been dating a little more than one year with Jeff Pardo and they are madly in love with each other. Her favorite things to do is spend time with Jeff and take pictures around the city. Emily loves coffee and croissants; how cute! To find out more about this reality star you’ll have to read on…


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