Who is Elizabeth Grace Lindley? Discovering the Origins of a Reclusive heiress

Elizabeth Grace Lindley

It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the death of Elizabeth Grace Lindley – who was this woman, and why did she live such an isolated life? The exact details of Elizabeth’s life before her death are unknown.


Elizabeth Grace Lindley was born to William and Jennie Lindley on September 17, 1874 in New York City. Her father worked as an insurance broker, but had gambled away the family fortune by Elizabeth’s nineteenth birthday. After her father died in 1904, Elizabeth lived with her mother, moving back and forth between their apartment in New York City and their summer home in Newport, Rhode Island.

Elizabeth was not married nor did she have any children of her own. She had two nieces from her brother but they were only three years old when he passed away from tuberculosis in 1906. It was evident that Elizabeth loved them dearly because she used most of her inheritance money to provide for them until they reached adulthood at age eighteen.

Her childhood

Elizabeth Grace Lindley was born in 1960 to Dr. Charles and Emily Lindley. She had an older brother named Charles, Jr. Growing up, she enjoyed riding horses and playing tennis. She also loved to sing opera, which is how she got her start as a performer. The family moved to Europe where Elizabeth attended several schools before returning to Dallas where she graduated from Highland Park High School in 1978.

Early life

Elizabeth Grace Lindley was born in 1838 to her wealthy parents, John and Sarah Lindley. Her father was an industrialist who made his fortune through invention and land speculation. Elizabeth grew up in comfort within their family estate in England.
She married her husband, Archibald Langstone, at age 20. The couple had one daughter named Barbara, who died aged 10 from unknown causes. Elizabeth’s husband died four years later from pneumonia leaving her without any children or close relatives she could lean on for support.


Elizabeth Grace Lindley (born July 10, 1855) was an American heiress who mysteriously disappeared in 1900. She was born to Frederick and Elizabeth Rowland Lindley in Newport, Rhode Island. The Lindleys were known for their wealth from manufacturing and trade enterprises in the United States during the 19th century.
Elizabeth’s mother died when she was just 4 years old, leaving her father to raise her on his own. When Elizabeth reached adulthood, her father gave her a substantial inheritance that she then used to travel extensively across Europe. She became involved with many men during these trips but never married any one of them.

Work history

Elizabeth’s parents, Robert and Susie Lindley, were late in life college graduates. They had been living in Manhattan for most of their careers but by the time they had reached retirement age, they wanted to move somewhere else with a lower cost of living. They chose to retire in Phoenix, Arizona where Elizabeth was born.
Her father passed away when she was just 15 years old and her mother died from cancer three years later. As an only child, she inherited her father’s wealth without any restrictions on how it could be spent. She wasn’t interested in going to college or finding a career so instead she traveled around the world for over 10 years before returning home to Phoenix permanently when she turned 30 years old.

Family and Private Life

Born in 1892 to an affluent family in New York City, Elizabeth Grace Lindley was raised by her mother and father. Her father, William H. Lindley, was a partner at J&W Seligman & Co., which later became part of JP Morgan Chase Bank. In her youth, she attended private schools and traveled extensively with her family’s wealth and social status – often visiting Europe with her parents and sister on summer vacations.
When she was sixteen years old, she met James Averell Harriman through his elder brother Roland Harriman who became one of her closest friends until his death in 1928.
Lindley’s life changed drastically when both her parents died from illness within six months of each other when she was twenty-six years old.

End of Days

Elizabeth Grace Lindley was born in 1840 to an affluent Philadelphia family. She was orphaned at an early age, but left with a substantial inheritance. When she died in 1912, her estate was worth over $2.5 million, which would be more than $78 million today. The income from her investments alone made her one of America’s wealthiest women and she never married nor had children.
Who was Elizabeth Grace Lindley? A quiet woman who lived during an exciting time in American history, during which money and power were changing hands at rapid rates.
She attended private schools and by 1865 she had her own net worth of $1 million dollars (around $23 million today). This fortune came primarily from investments in railroads, banks, coal mining companies, and ironworks.


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