Space Cake, also known as “space Age Cake,” is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GSC forum cut Cookies with Snow Lotus. Space Cake offers a creamy taste profile you expect from a cookie strain, backed up with the aid of brilliant notes of fruit and berries. In terms of results, Space Cake Strain produces an uplifting excessive that leaves you questioning if your toes are touching the ground. In line with growers, this pressure took the well-known GSS to soaring new heights by increasing both yield and trichome manufacturing to the wholesome Snow Lotus male. Space Cake was at the beginning bred through Bodhi Seeds.


Is area Cake an indica or sativa?

Area Cake is a hybrid stress with each indica and sativa characteristics.

How does Area Cake make you feel?

Space Cake makes you experience glad, uplifted, and secure.

How does the Cake taste?

Space Cake tastes nutty with notes of vanilla and berries.

What terpenes are in the Cake area?

Space Cake capabilities caryophyllene as the dominant terpene.

What lines are similar to space Cake?

Strains just like Space Cake include Tropicana Cookies, Platinum Cookies, and Bubba Kush.

Space Cake, firstly bred by using Bodhi Seeds, combines the genetics of GSC and Snow Lotus into an out-of-this-international pressure that enthusiasts say sends your mind to the moon. Reviewers note that this pressure will elevate your temper and make sure your pressure evaporates into the surroundings, all while sugar-coating it like icing on a cake.

Consumers have suggested reveling in a more contemplative mind even as indulging inside the relaxation that spreads at some point of their bodies. Space Cake carries a high percentage of myrcene, the terpene believed by many to help you loosen up. Eating this bud in the evenings or at night is usually recommended by customers because it tends to sedate as the excessive wears off. THC percent stages variety around the low 20’s with higher CBD ranges, which means it can probably assist soothe aches and pains during the body in each muscle, tissues and joints.

The high is properly balanced between its sativa and indica consequences. Consumers have expressed to anticipate a relaxing, contemplative enjoy which may also enhance communication, video games, or movies, so long as you don’t overdo it by means of ingesting an excessive amount of and becoming too drowsy.

Whilst you open up your bundle of area Cake, count on to be greeted by way of a highly spiced but sweet aroma with the faint undertone of cookies which is proof of its genetic historical past. Customers say this pressure can now and again cause dry eyes or dry mouth so stay hydrated and feature some eye drops available, specially if yMasterminded from a GSC x Snow Lotus pairing, space Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s ideal for contemplation and relaxation. Plants are an attractive mild inexperienced color, with heavy inclusion of vivid orange and red hairs. The fragrance is a highly spiced-sweet burst of goodness over the traditional pungence, with a subtle vanilla undertone, and the beauty develops in addition to the flavor of the smoke.

the 20-24% common THC level expresses a properly balanced high that induces a preliminary euphoria and happiness, however with non-psychoactive effects. Frame mellow sets in with increasing rest and mild tingles, which are pleasantly soothing however now not overly sedating. That is an extremely good pressure for nighttime use and can assist manage signs and symptoms of strain, despair, tension, and pain.



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