Family Break in Kilkenny: Ideas for a Day with the Kids in Kilkenny City Center.

Family Break in Kilkenny: Ideas for a Day with the Kids in Kilkenny City Center.

Family Break in Kilkenny: Ideas for a Day with the Kids in Kilkenny City Center.

Looking for a unique summer day experience in Ireland? Forget beach tours and expensive theme parks. Instead, discover a city famous for its old-world charm, medieval history, beautiful architecture, and rich cultural heritage: Kilkenny. Ready to explore the medieval city with your kids? In this article, we list 8 fun travel ideas in Kilkenny City Center that you and your kids will never forget.

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Have a picnic at Kilkenny Castle and Grounds.

Kilkenny Castle, the heart of the medieval town, is a perfect attraction for families with children. The 12th historic fort has a history of more than 800 years, which was built as a fortress against the invasion. Today, the palace has exhibitions focusing on Irish history, arts and crafts.

Even without a visit to the castle, you and your little ones can have a good time for free. Built in 1195, the magnificent fort has a vast park and garden, open to the public. Here you can spend time on lush picnics, hiking, admiring the rose garden and the man-made lake, feeding the ducks and playing on the playground.

Check out the medieval museum through St.

After visiting your castle, head to Ireland’s medieval mail center: the Medieval Museum in St. Louis The museum may be small, but it is full of specimens that will take you to Kilkenny under one roof. It will help dig into the depths of 800-year history.
Discover medieval treasures that show the craftsmanship, artistry and espionage work done by archaeologists and historians. These include Celtic crosses (some replicas of the Osori High Cross), ancient local manuscripts, stone paintings, and the remains of people walking the streets of Kilkenny centuries ago.

Eat delicious food on medieval miles.

Kilkenny’s Medieval Mail is not only home to historic attractions, but also has the best restaurants, cafes and gastro pubs to suit your taste and budget. These include Zoni Restaurant, Stathamz by Pembroke Kilkenny, Brady’s Bar & General Store, Canal Square Cafe, John Street Tea Rooms and more. For dinner, you can find plenty of restaurants that cluster between High Street and St. Louis. Kiran’s street. You can choose from traditional pub food, modern Irish fare, Italian, and more.

Join the tour.

Your Kilkenny City family vacation will never be complete without exploring the medieval mail, a journey of discovery that will take you a lifetime. The great medieval milestone of Kilkenny Castle and St. Cathedral of Cannes, with many spectacular sites in between. These include historic buildings, well-preserved churches, abbeys, museums and art galleries, paved streets and paved streets. You can download the map and audio tour so you can guide yourself in your own time and speed. If you want local expertise, you can choose Kilkenny Walking Tours. Choose from free or paid options with rates available for adults, seniors / students and families. During the tour, our friendly and knowledgeable guides will take you to the must-see heritage sites, hidden streets and alleys.

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