Italian Language: Top Learning Tips for You


It is true that this Italian language has a quite a simple phonetic system with just a couple of tricky sounds and a quite a predictable and consistent way of pronouncing vowels, consonants and even sequences of sounds. In simple words , it is specifically easy to sound great when speaking Italian.

A quite a smart approach to learning Italian is to simply begin with the pronunciation. You would get to master it in no time and it is going to give you the finest value for money.  You can definitely have the broadest vocabulary and even the most impeccable grammar, but in case Italians cannot simply understand you when you speak, all of that greatness may go to waste.  So, relax, and just walk through a few tips below to learn Italian like a pro and sound like the Italians do!

Read extensively 

Now, if you are a child you can read short stories in Italian that are easy for you to understand. The point is simple, there are proper platforms and apps that get you the stories in both Italian and side by side in English or in your native language. In this way, you can be sure that you grasp the language without any troubles. You can read the story and feel engaged and interested and simultaneously learn this language skills.

Work on your pronunciation 

You know shadowing is a wonderful and quite effective technique to improve and master your overall Italian pronunciation. It would be nice if you hunt for a video (having Italian subtitles) of a single Italian native speaker speaking absolutely clearly. Your aim is to imitate the Italian speaker by simply copying their speed, intonation, pitch and even overall melody. It is not going to be an easy exercise but it would do wonders once you practice it dedicatedly. In no time, you would begin to hear yourself speaking words and even sentences like the Italians do!

Talk to yourself in Italian 

One of the perfect ways to improve your Italian is by getting into a proper habit of spending some time in the morning as well as evening talking to yourself. it could sound a bit strange , but you are surely going to be amazed at how assistive this easy technique can be.

In your morning, you can begin with a statement about what you are actually going to do during the day. You may use a simple present tense, like “oggi vado al cinema” (it means today I am going to cinema). In case you have learnt new words, you can make sentences using them. the point is you need to tell yourself what exactly you are going to do during the day. hence, you would talk and practice your language skills. And it would be really helpful for you in not just understanding it well but also expressing yourself in a more eloquent manner.


To sum up, you should start to read Italian stories and expand your vocabulary first.  Once you understand the words , you can use them and make sentences and simultaneously speak every day.



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