How To Sell a House Fast In Houston

How To Sell a House Fast In Houston

Do you want to sell your house? These are the characteristics shared by properties that last just over a week on the market.

If we lived in Houston, an open house would be enough to sell our house. After our home, with excellent home staging, was visited by dozens of couples of different ages, we would receive a flood of proposals from which we could even choose.

The real world, unfortunately, is much more prosaic. Those who want to sell their house know that they face, at best, a few months of uncertainty with their property hanging on a housing portal, receiving many hearts and not so many calls.

However, there are a handful of homes that manage to sell quickly and well. We have spoken with agents, a property buying and selling expert, to look at their statistics and tell us what the keys are shared by the houses that sell the fastest in our country. The ideal layout for buyers

The Ideal Layout For Buyers

In urban areas, the houses that sell the fastest are those that have at least 2 bedrooms, although those with 3 bedrooms are buyers’ favorites. According to real estate, this rule even applies to couples and people who live alone. 

This type of buyer seeks “to have an extra room to be used as a studio or office, especially since the pandemic.” In addition, they must have an elevator.

On the other hand, in rural areas or on the outskirts, single-family houses are sought, since they are usually used as a second residence. In these cases, buyers want to use their property to escape the city in search of space and the outdoors.

What Is More Important, Space Or Storage?

“There is a common inertia to look for homes with a spacious and comfortable living room,” explain experts at “American Home Buyer“. On the other hand, buyers prefer to sacrifice bedroom space in favor of built-in wardrobes or walk-in closets.

This Is How Buyers Prefer Their Kitchens

It is increasingly important that the kitchen is close to the living room, if not completely integrated into it like a kitchenette. “Kitchens open to the living room and with an island are very fashionable, especially among young people,” tell American Home Buyer. Both childless couples and young families lean towards this distribution. On the other hand, older people look for independent kitchens, with a more traditional profile.

How Many Bathrooms Does A House Have To Have To Sell Quickly?

Ideally, the house should have at least 2 full bathrooms, “if possible, with a shower instead of a bathtub.” In addition, many buyers value having a toilet near the kitchen or living room, for the use of guests.

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How To Renovate A House To Sell It Later

From an aesthetic point of view, buyers prefer neutral, or even untouched, homes so they can renovate them to their liking. Houses with wide ceilings, smooth white walls, and ceramic or parquet floors triumph.

However, it is important to reform the unseen part of the house. The new plumbing and electrical systems are assessed, as well as the energy certificate.

In conclusion, any house with habitability problems will have difficulty selling, so the recommendation is to update the insides of the house and, along the way, leave the exterior as neutral as possible so that it works as a blank canvas for the future owner.


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