How to get rid of dark circles? 7 Effective ways for you

How to get rid of dark circles? 7 Effective ways for you

Dark eye circles are one of the signs that physical and mental health is unstable. This problem will make you look lifeless, tired and older than your age. So how to get rid of dark circles? Let’s explore now in this article.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes and often accompanied by puffiness, can occur at any age, the cause of the condition can be due to:


In the case of genetics, dark eye circles can appear when we are young. It could be due to thin skin, or the existence of many melanin pigment cells.


Regularly staying up late leads to lack of sleep, causing loss of concentration while studying, going to work, etc. In addition, lack of sleep can also cause poor blood circulation, causing dark circles to form and even will damage the skin.

Reasons causing dark circle under eyes


When the body is dehydrated, the skin under the eyes can appear dull, sullen, and more transparent, making the underlying blood vessels more noticeable. 

Nutritional deficiencies

Lack of essential nutrients, such as vitamin K, vitamin C, and iron, can contribute to development of dark circles under the eyes. 

Sun exposure

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can lead to the production of excess melanin in the skin, a process known as hyperpigmentation. Over time, this can cause darkening of the skin under the eyes, contributing to the appearance of dark circles. 

Medical conditions

  • Sinus Infections: Congestion and pressure around the eyes can result in sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinus cavities, which can cause swelling and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Anemia: A shortage of red blood cells, or hemoglobin, in the blood causes anemia, a disorder that reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the tissues. Lack of oxygen can cause the skin around the eyes to appear pale or bluish, which accentuates the appearance of dark circles.
  • Thyroid Disorders: Affected skin may vary in appearance, especially dark circles beneath the eyes, as a result of metabolic and circulatory disturbances caused by hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) or hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). 

How to remove eye circles? 7 best ways to treat

Rejuran treatment

Rejuran for dark circles, this treatment is also known as PRDN, and it is evaluated as one of the effective dark circles treatments  – Rejuran treatment works by promoting the generation of collagen, enhancing general skin health, and improving skin texture.  It is thought that injecting PDRN into the under-eye region will encourage tissue regeneration and repair, which could assist to minimize the appearance of fine lines and hollowing and lightening dark circles.

Rejuran treatment helps to remove dark circles

Tear trough filler

By filling in the hollows around the eyes, cosmetic treatments called tear trough fillers can enhance the appearance of the area. By reducing hollows and increasing the volume of the under-eye region, this technique can improve the transition between the cheek and lower eyelid. By reducing the visibility of dark circles, eye bags, and a tired or sunken appearance beneath the eyes, it may improve overall attractiveness and give the face a more young, refreshed component.

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Profhilo enhances skin tone, texture, moisture, and brightness. It can help to enhance and restore skin firmness while also promoting healthier, softer-looking skin. This is most typically used for firming the skin, but it can also be used to decrease dark circles and eye bags. Profhilo before and after shows affective transformation in the eye area.

Tea bags

To let the tea’s caffeine and antioxidants do their magic, unwind and keep the tea bags in place for 10 to 15 minutes. While caffeine helps to boost circulation and temporarily tighten skin, the tannins in the tea can help constrict blood vessels and minimize puffiness. 


A natural cure that helps lessen the look of dark circles beneath the eyes is potatoes. Enzymes and organic bleaching agents found in potatoes have the potential to minimize puffiness and lighten dark circles. Be persistent for 2 weeks to 1 month to see clear improvement results under eye circles.

Brown egg

Use brown eggs to boil and then peel while the eggs are still hot at about 80 degrees. Next, take the egg and place it on the eye socket area. The heat of the egg helps regulate the meridians and circulation. When using this natural cure on a regular basis, dark circles may appear less noticeable and the under-eye area will look more rested and vibrant.


Because of their cooling properties, cucumbers can help constrict blood vessels and minimize swelling. They also include antioxidants and flavonoids that can help soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Cucumbers contain high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K, which help increase pigmentation in gray or black skin areas.

Ways to treat eye bags you should know

Skin-lightening cream

Ingredients renowned for their capacity to reduce melanin formation and lighten hyperpigmentation, such as hydroquinone, retinoids, kojic acid, or vitamin C, are frequently found in skin-lightening creams. 

These creams may help to even out skin tone and lighten dark circles by lowering melanin levels in the skin, giving the illusion of more brightness and freshness. Moreover, cream products also include the effect of helping to fade wrinkles in the eyes.

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Because massage improves lymphatic drainage and circulation, it may help lessen the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes. Soft massage methods can aid in increasing lymphatic fluid movement and blood flow, which may lessen puffiness and encourage the elimination of extra fluid and toxins that cause dark circles to develop.

Hoping these 7 methods can address the question “How to get rid of dark circles” for you all. Targeting dark circles can be accomplished in a number of ways, from applying cold compresses and topical treatments to maintaining proper sleep hygiene and drinking plenty of water. Recall that persistence is essential and that results might not be apparent right away. You may work toward having a brighter, more refreshed under-eye area by using these strategies for getting rid of dark circles, which will help you look and feel your best.


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