How to Pay Bike Insurance Online

How to Pay Bike Insurance Online | Nexttnews
How to Pay Bike Insurance Online | Nexttnews

Web and computerized banking have become more widespread in recent years. In today’s world, paying bills has become extremely easy. Banking exchanges can be done from the comfort of their own homes. This is why it is extremely helpful to purchase bicycle protection online.

The Insurance and Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) manages the bike insurance online protection area in India. Bicycle protection safeguards your bike against harm, misfortune, and burglary, and covers the harms caused to an outsider by the guaranteed vehicle. It gives an “Individual Accident cover” to the proprietor driver, wherein on the off chance that the vehicle meets with a mishap, the proprietor driver is covered against extreme injury and even death

Online payment method for bike insurance

Once you have selected the insurance company and the type of insurance you want to buy, you will be prompted to enter the add-ons you want to buy along with the basic insurance. Many insurance companies offer “passenger accident insurance” under “liability insurance for two-wheeler”. There is also a passenger seat cover. Whenever you have chosen every highlight you want, continue to the installment segment.

You can pay bike insurance online according to your policy via internet banking or debit/credit card. Many insurers also partner with various payment gateways and payment apps.

There are different cash back and markdown offers that apply to various installment techniques. You have to select your preferred payment method and pay.

If the payment is processed successfully, the system will generate a policy number and a virtual policy document for the policy. You can download the document and keep a safe copy for reference. We will also send you a hard copy of the policy document. Keep the policy number and policy document safe. It incorporates the beginning and end dates of the strategy and assists you with following the subtleties of the approach. You can look at the protection status of the vehicle. It also contains details of all the features of the policy that you can consult in case of future billing.

According to the apex court, insurance is mandatory when purchasing a new two-wheeler and is provided by the dealer himself (there is an option to suggest the insurance company of your choice). If you want to extend an existing insurance policy, you can extend your insurance coverage. Under the appropriate heading on the insurers web portal, before the contract expires. Policy documents help you keep track of policy update dates. Motorcycle insurance renewal must be done before the expiration date to avoid inspection costs.

Follow the same steps above to purchase a policy, enter an existing policy number, add or remove any additional features required for the policy, and then continue with payment.

Documents required for renewal-

  •  Reference to the current policy
  •  Insured motorcycle registration certificate, manufacturer and model, year of purchase.
  •  A debit card or online banking details.

Is there any easy way through which they can pay for bike insurance online?

PhonePe using clients can get their bicycles and vehicles protected with a couple of basic advances. All they need to do is to go to the “My Money” part of the application (both Android and iOS) and visit the “Protection” segment. Both Car and Bike protection items will be noticeable under the Motor Insurance area. Clients simply have to choose the ideal protection inclusion for their vehicle, top off the subtleties and make the installment.

However, Square Insurance’s further added that more than 80% of 2-wheeler protection was purchased by clients with lapsed covers. This shows that these contributions on the PhonePe stage are serving beforehand underserved fragments, which needed more mindfulness and a helpful road to restoring their protection.

Therefore, For bike insurance online, PhonePe clients are picking far-reaching plans which cover both outsider vehicle harm and own vehicle harm. PhonePe ascribed this to the work the organization has placed into expanding client mindfulness, moderateness, and accessibility of such protection items on its computerized stage.


Square Insurance’s undertaking has forever been to offer protection items in the market that are basic, straightforward to buy, and guarantee for our clients. Nowadays people feel free and have a habit to use the internet. so that they feel easy to pay online either to purchase an insurance policy or to renew the old policy. Their association with computerized stage suppliers is one more small but huge step.

Thus, they are exceptionally invigorated with this initiative.

FAQs Related To bike insurnce 

What is the punishment that you may bring about assuming the bike is uninsured?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, an individual must be lawfully permitted to drive a vehicle if the last option has been properly protected by an IRDA-supported protection supplier. Third-party protection is an unquestionable necessity for each vehicle and if the driver is viewed as working the vehicle without substantial protection, they will be given a challan of Rs 2000. This is for the primary offense! If you are found riding a bicycle without substantial protection an ensuing time, your challan will be multiplied to Rs 4000. The court can punish you with up to 90 days of prison time or local area administration.

Which things are not included under the Package Policy?

The harm caused due to: Driver being under inebriation, Vehicle being driven by an individual not holding a compelling legitimate permit, Damage to tires (except if the vehicle is harmed at a similar time), Wear and tear, and mechanical breakdown harms.

Might the sum at any point be paid straightforwardly to the repairer?

Indeed – if there should be an occurrence of Approved Garage

No – if there should be an occurrence of some other Garage

What is the sum I need to bear?

Mandatory abundance, Reasonable worth of rescue on the off chance that not gave up to safety net provider and devaluation.

Is the automobile coverage on PhonePe genuine?

Indeed, you can buy protection from Phone pay, yet before purchasing protection kindly ensure that you are picking the well-conceived plan for your vehicle.

You can buy protection from any place like the immediate site of the organization from any Broker.  Only if, when you know about plan subtleties and if you haven’t information, you can buy from the nearby office or protection advisor.

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