How Is Online Attendance System Working For Construction Companies? 


Are you working in a construction site? Then you must have to visit the site for daily attendance? And, then where do you track the attendance? Here’s when touchless attendance system comes into play. It leverages the smartphone technology along with the use of the concept of cloud computing

  • Why should I prefer a reliable online attendance system? 

Thumb Tag Pvt. Ltd is considered to be the brain child of an individual’s thought. These were introduced to set out better results in the world of construction. These systems happened to be more effective and error-free in a way to set out to much wider problems. Manual processing of work is a common site at the construction sites. Thus it was prone to errors. 

After the introduction of the touchless attendance system, the hassle to maintain the attendance offline disappeared. This makes the concepts easier and perfectly dealt with faster results. And, in this way the errands did not appear any longer. Above all, no wastage of resourceful hours happened anymore. 

  • Why are safety protocols spreading too high? 

Using these systems, one can easily track, know and prepare a report of the workers’ duty hours and efficiency of work easily and in just a few clicks. In this scenario, being safe and ensuring the safety of your employees is critical. To do so, you must first understand how Coronavirus spreads in organizations. 

According to experts, the most common method of virus transmission appears to be through infected surfaces. As a result, it is preferable to avoid touching surfaces that may be infected as a result of the human touch workplace. 

The world is in darkness and living in fear of the Coronavirus, which has infected over 3 crore people worldwide and killed over 9 lac people. The spread of the Coronavirus has triggered panic among businesses, resulting in the highest level of escalation. To combat the spread of the Coronavirus, many leading corporations around the world have directed their employees to work from home. Read Also : steel price today in hyderabad 

  • Why is contactless face recognition technology so popular? 

Employers are using Contactless Face Recognition technology to mark attendance to avoid common touch points in organizations. If the organisation wants to use biometric Attendance Marking in the future, this is a good option as a Touchless Time-Attendance Solution. 

Many organizations offer face recognition with various deployment modes for various applications. This gives the solution flexibility. However, many manufacturing companies, laboratories, healthcare facilities, and transportation companies do not allow their employees to work from home.

When selecting a Contactless Time-attendance Solution, you should also consider the connectivity options. Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Ethernet, and other new-age connectivity options are available on modern devices. Aside from that, you can think about using multiple credentials for added security. There are numerous other factors to consider, such as increased capacity, secure communication, and so on. 


We are ready to assist you with all of the points that must be considered when purchasing or upgrading the online attendance system. This system not only helps you stay more organized while increasing the efficiency of your attendance management, but it also helps keep your employees safe during a global pandemic. Furthermore, you should choose Made in India products that are dependable and consistent.


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