How to make money in GTA online


GTA 5 is considered one of the most popular games in the entire gaming industry, and even despite its age since its release, and 10 years have passed, the project from Rockstar is still popular and in demand and will remain so until the release of the new version announced for 2025.

There are two reasons for this popularity:

  1. Replayable storyline.
  2. An online mode for a large number of players, which repeats the basic mechanics and offers new ones that slightly complement the storyline and allow you to look at it with outside eyes, your own character.

To play and progress in GTA online, you need to earn GTA 5 money to spend it on apartments for robberies, transport, premises and locations for earning money, weapons and other entertainment. By the way, if you are a fan of drift games, you must try Madalin Stunt Cars 2 once.

Complete missions

From the moment you create your character, you will have access to tasks and assignments from various characters from GTA 5, most of whom you have seen and interacted with in single-player mode.

The tasks will be different, from delivering goods, racing, shootings to defending goods, and for all these tasks you can earn GTA V money. You can also use special services, like Skycoach.

Doing Business

After you open your first office, you will be able to complete tasks via a PC in the office, or your smartphone.

Depending on the availability of storage warehouses, there will be tasks to steal cargo, weapons, and vehicles with further possibility of resale.

The most profitable thing is to steal and sell unique vehicles, which will allow you to earn $100,000 GTA online money, provided that they are delivered to the buyer without damage.

There is a trick in the ferry mechanics that will increase the likelihood of transport being delivered intact.

Three groups of bandits on transport will be waiting for you and attacking you, which the radar will notify you of with red dots.

You just drive until they appear and stop immediately, but it’s better to sit on the side of the road so that when the shooting starts, other drivers don’t fly into your precious car in a panic.

Take out a sniper rifle and kill the shooters and then continue moving and repeat this three times and then, at a speed that is comfortable for you, follow to the final point – no one will disturb you.

Buy clubs, pharmacies and other types of businesses

When you buy out any type of business, you will be able to generate money and resources for your efforts.

You need to deliver raw materials for the production of illegal products, which you can simply buy or steal to save GTA 5 money.

Next, you need to deliver them to the building and just wait until your team generates them into a finished product, which is displayed on a special scale.

You can sell the product at any level, but it is better to wait until it is completely filled, otherwise the profit may not be worth your effort.

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Steal and sell cars

You will be able to steal cars and sell them to Simon – many players remember him from Franklin’s tasks at the very beginning of the game.

The best thing is to buy a garage and start earning GTA V money in a stable way.

You need to complete the task of theft and then the task of selling the car and then you can earn from 20 to 100 thousand dollars – this is one of the easiest ways to get cheap GTA money online.

There is no point in taking cheap missions, because they are not much simpler than complex ones, require time to steal, add transport that is not particularly profitable, and the benefit will be minimal.

Packing and delivery of luxury vehicles is much more profitable and does not take much time. 

The only difficult task is to steal vehicles using a helicopter with a magnet.  In it, you can easily drop a car into the water, lose a helicopter from fire from security, or simply lose control. 

But you can simply cancel this task and take it again to reset the unfavorable conditions.

If you have the opportunity to interact with friends or players whom you trust and who will not intentionally harm your vehicle, then you can not sell your cars right away, but constantly complete missions until you accumulate a collection of cars.

Some will be two, three and four. You must understand that as many vehicles are in the collection, so many players are needed to ferry them, or you will have to rush to get one car in time and return for others. In general, for driving a collection of cars you can get bonus GTA 5 money, which is very profitable if you have a group of friends.

Plan and execute heists

One of the main mechanics that allow players to have interesting gameplay and save money for new real estate to start the next stage is robberies.

A format that is familiar to many players from completing the main storyline and which is built on the stage of preparation and recruiting a team, collecting all the necessary tools and transport, the reconnaissance stage and the robbery itself.

In GTA online, you need special real estate to start, such as a country house, office, penthouse, and so on.

The team will consist of players whom you will accept into your lobby, and you will be able to regulate the share that each of them will receive.

Since in online mode you play as a separate character that you create yourself, all robberies will be an interesting experience of crossing with many key characters, who will also interact with you.

You will encounter Trevor, Lestor, Lamar, and other characters from GTA 5, and it is the robberies that will bring you more money in one task, but the robbery is divided into stages, each of which must be completed to access the raid itself and share the entire reward if successful.

GTA 5 has an unpleasant lobby system and if one of the players crashes or leaves the game, he will simply ruin the whole stage of the matter for you, so try to play with proven and adequate players.

Saves operate in stages, which means that your task is to make progress in the level, and then, even in the event of a failure, you will begin the passage from the same place. With a new team if necessary.


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