Choosing the right Peak: Popular peaks for climbing in Nepal

Choosing the right Peak: Popular peaks for climbing in Nepal

Nepal is where heaven lies for the trek and mountain lovers. The Himalayan range surrounding Nepal is truly one of the best natural gifts by god. Nepal lies in the lap of the Himalayas and hence is one of the best countries to trek in the world.

One can choose any type of trek that is suitable as the number of options to choose from is enormous. This brings the advantage of choosing a trek that fits your physical capabilities, adventurous mentality, time schedule, expectations from the journey, and any other things of concern.

However, choosing among the popular treks is a huge benefit in itself as the reason behind the popularity of the trek itself explains the fantastic journey one has during the particular trek.

Choosing a popular trek will give you great companionship, discounts, and comfort, reduce any risk factors, and there will a high chance that you will enjoy the trek.

In Nepal, throughout the year people from different countries come to experience trekking, making most of the treks very popular. Here are the popular treks one can undertake in Nepal in order to have an extraordinary experience.

These treks include beginner friendly as well as treks that require prior experience. All of these treks are famous due to the extraordinary experience they provide. Also, they provide a lifelong memory to cherish forever.

Island Peak

Island Peak can be considered the most common and popular trek in the country. The journey to the trek is very similar to that of most treks in Nepal including the Everest Base Camp.

This particular trek requires basic knowledge of snow trekking and is not very complicated or tough.

Starting the journey from the gateway to most of the treks in Nepal that is the Lukla airport, the trek takes you to other most visited trek points like Namche Bazar (a popular market), Tengboche(  Highest Monastery), etc. On reaching the Peak one can get a fantastic view of Everest, Makalu, and Lhotse.

The trekkers can further move to the Everest Base Camp once the peak is reached. This is optional but it is a good choice to visit the base camp as it is once in a lifetime opportunity.

The only difficult part of this trek is the last 100 meters to the peak as the way gets quite steep.

The Mera Trek

The Mera Trek is the highest of all other trekking peaks in Nepal. The peak is yet popular as, despite the immense height of the peak, the non-steep slopes to the peak make it comparatively easy.

However, one needs good trekking skills in order to conquer this particular peak. One can choose to be a part of the base camp or set up a camp on their own.

The Mera peak climbing journey starts at Paphlu from where the trekkers have to reach Khare and it takes around nine to ten days of trekking to reach this village. It is one of the closest villages to the peak.

Further, it takes around five to six days to reach the summit. On the way back down, trekkers are brought to Lukla and then sent to the capital via flight.

Try to take the journey in the right season or else one has to go through bad weather conditions. On reaching the peak, a fantastic view of the Everest region welcomes the trekkers and is very worth every difficulty faced during the trek.

Yala Peak

The Yala Peak is another famous peak to trek. The peak is more famous among beginners as it requires less time to trek and reach also the trek is beginner friendly and is among the first choice among people who are trekking for the First Time in Nepal.

The journey to the trek is simple and fun at the same time. The peak lies in the Langtang region of Nepal which lies to the North of the capital city.

On the way to the top of the peak, the trekkers pass through Kyanjin Gompa, the most beautiful lake in the country called Gosaikunda Lake, a cheese factory, National Parks, etc.

The region is home to a huge variety of animals and plants. The place is a habitat for animals like snow leopards, Himalayan Tahr, Ghoral, etc. Tamangs (a community of Nepal) mainly occupy the region.

However, since the region is very close to Tibet, one can see the Tibetan-influenced culture, food, and lifestyle all around.

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Lobuche East Peak

This peak’s journey is in between the Everest Base Camp trek and the Island Peak. Covering most of the features of the Everest Base Camp there is much more the peak has to offer.

The Khumbu Valley becomes one of the prominent places to stay and explore the culture of Sherpas. Apart from that the view from the peaks like Everest. Lhotse, Pumori, and the list goes on. 

This Lobuche peak climbing is not an easy one. Hence prior experience in trekking high peaks is required. The Kala Patthar meaning black stone which is considered to be one of the best viewpoints all over the region comes through the journey to the peak.

Dhampus Peak

The Dhampus lies towards the west of Jomsom Valley. The peak is very closely located to Mount Dhaulagiri and Mount Tukuche. It is one of the prominent features of Kali Gandaki Valley.

The peak is seen mostly as an option among trekkers climbing the Dhaulagiri. The Dhaulagiri trek involves two days of camping in the hidden valley which is a part of the itinerary.

On your days of stay, you can choose to climb the Dhampus Peak considering the fact that you are well-acclimatized.

The Dhampus Peak can also be your pre-defined destination if you are not looking forward to ascending to Dhaulagiri. Adding Dhampus Peak to your journey when your main goal is Dhaulagiri Base Camp would require additional charges and pre-planning.

You have to inform your guide about the Dhampus peak trek beforehand in order to reserve energy and adjust to the conditions.


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