How to Get Followers from 0 to 10k on Instagram?



Have you ever thought about becoming an influencer? It’s the dream of over 80% of IG users who have fewer followers and haven’t reached that monetization status yet.

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However, several years of active posting on the platform failed to achieve this goal. You agree that becoming at least one nano-influencer and getting 10,000 followers is enough to earn your first income and become popular. But how do you attract as many people as possible as quickly as possible?
Check out success stories and tips from Instagram marketing experts to help us find some effective ways to grow your followers and hit the 10,000 mark.

Collect Foundation followers

When you create an account on the second most visited social media platform, you have no followers. You can collect the first hundred people you know and they will do the same with your account as well. They can be friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, college mates, etc. You can find them by name, browse the accounts suggested by the IG system, and add a list of contacts from other networks like Facebook or Twitter, for example. Brands that register on the platform can first attract their regular customers and then start increasing the number of subscribers as well. haino teko

Make your posts good

It is only natural that posts play the most important role in your IT account. This is a visual platform, so you should offer high-quality, bright and colourful, unique and inspiring images and short videos. Also, consistency is an important feature of all posts which must have catchy captions, location, meaningful descriptions, quotes, etc.
Take advantage of similar content from the most successful competitors
This does not mean that an account owner should identify his or her closest competitor. This means you should review their posts on a regular basis and note the tips that work well with the audience. Also, you should identify the most active followers and sign up for an account or contact them on other posts they comment on to get their attention on your page.

Schedule your posts

Of course, it is important to add regular and frequent posts to your account. Influencers claim to post daily and even several times a day to keep their audience engaged. Therefore, marketers are advised to pick up an application that will help in scheduling posts and add them at specific times. You can plan your posts a few days in advance and the app will add them once your audience is most active.

Keep your audience engaged

The content you add should not only be interesting, but interesting. Followers should be encouraged to like, comment, and repost. When the app notifies you of a new comment, it’s very important to respond as quickly as possible and encourage people to continue the conversation. Interaction is key to increasing engagement, while the latter makes your post stand out and be seen by more people. Thanks to this, those who like it can also become new customers.

Use instagram followers app

You can greatly increase your audience with the help of applications created to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Some of them increase not only total number, but engagement too – your posts can get extra likes. GetInsta, Follower Analyzer, Follower for Instagram, FollowMeter, etc. Each has its own benefits, but when combined with tracking tools, they work more effectively.

Collaborate with bloggers and other influencers

One of the ways to reach 10,000 subscribers is to partner with other bloggers and help each other. It’s called a shoutout when you find an influencer account similar to yours and with roughly the same number of followers and repost each other’s content and interact with your partner’s audience. At the same time, choosing the influencer is a responsible task because people tend to get fake followers and thus attract an audience from other users. Therefore, you must verify the account before offering shoutout solutions using the trendHERO service.

enter the compartments

Also known as engagement group modules, these are units of IG users with similar interests, content, and niche. Not only do they follow each other, they actively support each member and instantly react to new posts from other contributors to make the post go viral and reach the first nine IG views. If you are planning to get 10,000 followers for Instagram, this is a big step forward as this post is seen by more people and gets a lot of engagement.

Optimise your profile

When you are targeting major influencers with 10k followers, you have to understand that your username will be known to many people who may want to know more about you. This means your bio needs to be adjusted too. You should choose high-quality photos, describe who you are and your goals in minimal words, and satisfy their information appetite by providing contact information and links to your website or profile on other social media websites.


Every second Insta user dreams of getting 10k followers, but what will change when you do? First, you can now be proud of your influence and reap monetary benefits. Brand partnerships, direct purchases, gifts are just a few of the ways an account with 10k followers can make money. Second, you became famous and your advice was considered important to many people, so now you need to be careful with your expression and advise not to let them down. Third, you’ll get a higher chance of accelerating your account growth and continuing to grow as an influencer.As you can see, it is possible to achieve any goal if you work hard, so 10,000 Instagram followers is a given, enough to set a goal and pave your way towards it. Many people complain about stiff competition, but it’s important to pick a unique niche that you personally like and your passion will attract other people as well.


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