Choosing the best bed throw has become easier with this buying guide

large throws

Guys, curling up in a large throw on those colder days to stay warm are delicious, right? And that’s why choosing these winter partners should be well done, you know? Just take a look at these tips I prepared for you!

The first thing when choosing is to think about how you will use the large throw. If it’s at night, at bedtime, for example, the ideal is to choose a large throw, not a large throw. They are a little heavier than large throws, so they can keep you warm without having to get up to get more covers. Better that way, right?

Now, if your goal is to curl up while watching television or reading a book, the large throw is more practical, see? That’s because large throws are a little lighter, they’re ideal for shorter periods of time, or if you’re going to be moving around, like going to the bathroom or in the kitchen to get popcorn.


Well, now that you know the difference between a large throw and blanket, you can start thinking about the material you will choose, ok? One of the most versatile models you will find is cotton, see?

Cotton large throws can be used in all seasons, even on those days when the air is just a little cooler, you know? That’s because this material is lighter and doesn’t keep as much heat as a wool large throw, for example. Oh, besides they are super soft and hypoallergenic, see? I loved!

And speaking of wool, this material is also a great option for your large throw, but only if you want to protect yourself from a more intense cold, okay? Now, if the region you live in is usually not very cold in winter, it may not be the best option, as in warmer environments, the wool can sting and be very uncomfortable!

Ah, a good material for those who need to protect themselves from a milder cold is polyester, which is between cotton and wool in terms of protection. The good thing about covers and large throws made from this material is that they are easy to wash and do not cause allergies, in addition to being able to be use all year round. Too much!

Consider its use in your routine

To keep you warm on a cool afternoon or to protect you on cold winter nights, each large throw has a function. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind what your need is before choosing the ideal option.

If you’re looking for a lightweight piece that doesn’t take up a lot of space in the closet, ideal only to be used on cool days while you’re watching a movie, opt for a thin piece in cotton, for example. Already to warm your bed on cold nights, wool is your choice.

Keep in mind the intensity of use

Following its function, the frequency of use of your large throw must be analyzed so that you can choose the best option for your nights. If you live in a cold place and intend to use the garment several times a year, it is recommended to opt for resistant fabrics, as well as warm ones. If the use will be low and the piece will spend a long time in storage, follow the line of products with anti-allergic properties, as well as less volume, to be better accommodated in your closet.

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Bet on your favorite style

Mainly according to their use, invest in pieces that, in addition to quality and comfort, are aesthetically pleasing. Think that, whether on the sofa or bed, your large throw will be exposed and, combining with the decor of each environment, the look will be much more sophisticated. If the idea is to pair the product with different bedding prints, for example, choose a plain piece with a neutral tone.


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