Benefits of hymenoplasty surgery in India



If we talk about hymen then this is a thin membrane located around the opening of the vagina. When a hymen is torn or penetrated through sexual union or trauma, many females wish to replace the tissue.Certain are born without a hymen or would desire theirs restored for cultural causes. Hymenoplasty in Punjab is performed by our expert and experienced cosmetic surgeons.

If you’re planning for this surgery then visit our clinic and consult with our expert surgeons and get to know the hymenoplasty surgery in Punjab.

  1. How is hymenoplasty surgery successful in Punjab?

The diluted tissue around the vagina is often torn during sexual union, games, or workouts. The reconstructive surgery process can replace the hymen or restore it to its original state. There are different causes why a female would choose to have hymenoplasty. For instance, some cultures or religions consider an intact hymen to be crucial.

So, is hymenoplasty beneficial for achieving your objectives? We consider so! Of course, it’s essential to have open communication with your surgeon about what you’re looking for in terms of surgery.

The best candidates for this surgery: –

  • Desire to restore or renew their hymen
  • Are wishing for surgery for their causes, not to please or satisfy others
  • Are healthy sufficient to have treatment, with no serious health conditions or vaginal infections
  • Have no other factors that may impact their process
  1. The procedure of hymenoplasty surgery

Generally, this is an outpatient process and this is performed by expert and experienced surgeons. It starts with either light IV sedation or a local anesthetic so you can feel painless. The surgery takes an hour.  Doctors and surgeons are uses existing tissue and dissolvable stitches to complete the treatment. If we don’t have sufficient tissue to reconstruct the hymen, we can use additional tissue from the lining of your vagina.

  1. What happens after hymenoplasty surgery?

Once the hymenoplasty surgery is finished, victims may recover at home by following our post-operative instructions. Most females can continue normal activities a few days after treatment. Keep in mind that sexual union should be avoided for a maximum of six weeks to permit proper healing.

If you have concerns about hymenoplasty recovery, then consult with your surgeon and alleviate any concerns you may have.

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  1. Hymenoplasty surgery in Punjab

Is a restored hymen essential to you? Do you have reservations about the surgery? You can be wondering be it hymenoplasty near you can enhance your quality of life and help you meet your objectives.To get began, you can request a consultation with an expert and experienced surgeon. Hymenoplasty in Punjab center can offer more information on hymenoplasty surgery and make sure you are satisfied with your procedure in Punjab.

To conclude, this can sound terrible to you but you should not fear it. Hymenoplasty in Punjab is one of the safest and easiest surgery. You should discuss it with your surgeon without any fear and worry so that both of you can understand the needs.


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