Cassidy Ludwig Practice Session Goes Viral

Cassidy Ludwig

Cassidy Ludwig, 21, started dancing when she was three and has been training ever since. Cassidy’s dedication to her craft paid off recently when the video of her practicing went viral on Facebook and Reddit.

The backstory

Born in Brooklyn, NY on December 3rd, 2002, Cassidy Ludwig is an Irish dancer and a YouTube sensation. She began dancing at age three and has been dancing ever since. Cassidy has been posting videos of herself dancing on her YouTube channel for the past two years with over 300,000 subscribers and millions of views.

Her most popular video is a tutorial for the Jig which she posted back in March 2016 with over 10 million views to date. The video was so popular that it was even featured on the front page of Reddit! Cassidy Ludwig is currently enrolled as a high school sophomore at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York where she dances four hours each day on average as well as going to summer intensive programs every year.

In conclusion, Cassidy’s practice session went viral after being shared by someone else and her father had no idea until they got home from dinner when they saw notifications pop up all across their phones.

Why Cassidy Ludwig did it

The video starts off with Cassidy in her living room, shaking her legs and warming up. She then grabs her phone to start recording and goes outside to practice in the yard. She practices for about six minutes before a neighbor starts walking towards her, so she stops recording. This is when the video really takes off! The neighbor approaches Cassidy and she asks if he would like to have a go at Irish Dancing.

He has no idea what it is but agrees anyways; after some encouragement from his wife, they all go back inside where Cassidy shows him some of the steps to an Irish dance routine. The man does surprisingly well considering he had never done this type of dancing before! All four people in the video are laughing while they dance together. It’s evident that Cassidy had as much fun teaching him as he did learning how to Irish Dance. Towards the end of the video, he says this is not easy!

How she was feeling while dancing

It was a balmy Sunday in March when I woke up early to capture Cassidy’s morning practice session. She goes to the studio for about three hours every day, five days a week and has been doing this for the past six years of her life. When she first started dancing, it was just for fun, but now it has become such a big part of who she is.

As we walked into the studio, I noticed all of her fellow dancers had really nice gear – state-of-the-art pointe shoes with ribbons and tassels of all colors. For an instant, I felt out of place because my outfit didn’t quite match the other girls’. The feeling quickly subsided as soon as I stepped on stage to observe the group stretching the

ir muscles before practice began.
As Cassidy took off her jacket and wrapped herself in an extra-long dance skirt, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by how passionate she was about what she does. You can tell from watching that there is something special about Irish dance that gets people hooked from a very young age.

The two things you need to know are that your favorite Disney princess is probably Irish (Ariel) or Celtic (Belle), so it’s worth knowing what they’re so good at!

The photo shoot

This video is one of the most inspiring videos that I have ever seen. Cassidy is a nineteen-year-old Irish dancer, who dances for hours on end every single day. This video shows Cassidy practicing her craft, but it captures something more than just dancing. It captures a person who has dedicated their life to this craft and has never wavered from their goal of becoming the best Irish dancer in the world.

You can tell by watching this video that Cassidy loves what she does and she loves to dance for people. The way she moves her body is beautiful; she seamlessly transitions from one movement to the next with ease and grace like a true professional. All I could think when I watched this video was I want to dance like that.

I don’t know if I will be able to become as good as Cassidy, but I hope that I will be able to dedicate my life to something so wonderful and do it with the same passion that she does.

Reaction of Cassidy Ludwig family

It was an absolute shock to the system, but she laughed about it later and moved on, said Cassidy’s mom. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again anytime soon. Her dad agrees: We’re not going to do that again – it was a one-time thing, for sure.


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