Benji Europe Bike Tour Offers Best of Greece Tour

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One For the Bucket List

Benji Europe Bike Tours has been offering guided tours since 2015 – both self-guided and custom tours, with the option to rent a bike for the occasion. 

Considered on their website to be “worldwide the most innovative in guided motorcycle and scooter tours,” BenjiEurope Bike Tours now has an option to celebrate the best of Greece – and the views are absolutely gorgeous. 

John Barrow, Managing Director of Benji Europe Bike Tours, agrees with us – apparently, Greece is one of his top 10  riding destinations in the world. He says in a report that it’s “like a mountain range was dropped into the sea.” 

The report states that the 14-day tour will kick off in 2022, with the days being scheduled for May 15-28.

“In the fourteen days, you will get to know everything that defines real Greece: 3000 years of culture, stunning nature, excellent food, and extremely friendly people, not to mention the always beautiful weather and the wonderfully winding, mostly empty and always panoramic roads who really enjoy riding a motorcycle,.…And every time you sit in a kafenion and enjoy your espresso, you can look forward to being on tour in a paradise like Greece. If the ancient Greeks only knew…”


Total distance

2264-2916 km, 1407-1812 miles

Daily distances

90-348 km, 56-216 miles


  • Metsovo
  • Vytina
  • Monemvasia

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“…unique evidence of high Greek culture such as Delphi, Olympia or the amphitheatre of Epidaurus, Athens with its inexhaustible culture and history, the dizzying Meteora monasteries built on high cliffs, the super bridge over the Gulf of Corinth, the beautiful island of Lefkada”

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Sounds like fun, and I’ll be checking this particular tour out over the holidays.

Let us know what you think; we’ve included the article’s fantastic collection of photos for you to take a peek at. If you’re like me, the front yard has more snow than respectability, so staring at sunny locations like this up the vitamin D levels rather nicely in the meantime.


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