8 Key Considerations Before Building a Deck in Virginia

Adding a deck to your home can do

Adding a deck to your home can do wonders for your property’s value, and your enjoyment of your home. With this in mind, here are eight must-consider considerations you should think about before building a new deck in Virginia:

1. Location is Everything

When building your dream deck, you want its location and style to feel absolutely perfect. There may be more than one suitable location for a deck in some cases, while at other times it will be obvious where it should go. If that’s the case, the best position for your deck will depend on how you want it to function. Consulting with a quality deck builder is the best way to determine the exact location where your deck should be built on your property.

2. Find the Perfect Style

Finding the right deck style can be challenging. The design of your home might determine the style of your deck. Instead of competing with your home’s architecture, a deck should enhance it. For instance, a curved or round deck with elaborately carved railings may appear better on some designs of homes than others. To make it a seamless and natural extension of your home, follow the lines, dimensions, and architecture of your home. Once again, a deck builder or contractor can become invaluable when making these important design and style decisions.

3. Build-In Fancy Features

If you plan on spending a ton of quality time on your deck, you want to have features, add-ons, and additions that will keep you entertained (and comfortable). You could elect to give your deck more features. Moreover, built-ins provide a deck with a luxurious and unique appearance. Deck boxes, shelves, or seats with liftable tops may be used as storage on a deck. If you build in features into your deck’s actual design, making the most out of your deck becomes that much simpler.

4. Keep Things Lit Beautifully

When you’re outdoors, lighting tends to become an issue. Whether you’re looking to add some shade or provide lighting that allows you to enjoy your deck at night, there are many complications that you’ll want to consider when designing your deck. Deck lighting options are plentiful. A deck’s lighting adds safety as well as a festive and romantic atmosphere. The type and quantity of lighting options will influence the layout and price of your deck, so be sure to include these features inside of your budgetary expectations.

5. Respect Your Privacy

If you’re in a crowded neighborhood, there isn’t always the ideal location for a deck. You may occasionally have to make do with a location that is not quite as private as you’d want. Consider adding privacy screening to hide the views if you can see your neighbors’ yards from your deck or if you can plainly see their yards. Ideas for privacy screens abound. You can construct a screen into the deck or utilize plants as a living privacy barrier. By respecting your privacy, you’ll be respecting the privacy of your neighbors as well.

6. Choose the Right Material

There are other decking materials than wood, and your deck builder can help you determine which material is best for your unique deck building needs. From composite materials to vinyl, there are many more affordable, and still stylish options out there. There are more materials available to assist you to construct a deck that requires less upkeep than a wooden deck as well. For those that do not like to do a lot of homework, and who do not want to spend a lot of money on upkeep and repair fees down the line, finding quality, but affordable material is key.

7. Stay In-Line with Local Virginia Building Codes

Staying in line with building codes and laws will keep you safe, and out of financially dubious situations in the future. Call the town hall before you pick up a hammer to find out the legal requirements and building codes you must adhere to when building a deck. Your town might need to approve your design. Do your research before purchasing the supplies for your deck project because the city and state laws and permit requirements differ for residential structure expansions or remodeling projects. Experienced deck designers and builders are familiar with the neighborhood codes and ordinances and will frequently handle the logistics for you. Virginia laws can be tricky, so letting your deck builder take care of these details is highly recommended.

8. Have a Clear Budget in Mind

The dimensions, style, and materials of your deck will be determined by your budget. If you plan to have it designed and built by a professional, add in permits and labor. While you plan your deck, keep in mind the amenities you want to include, such as flower boxes, railings, built-in seats, and lights. The more you budget effectively, the sooner you’ll unlock your dream deck in 2023.


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