Why You Keep Seeing [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] and How to Fix It


Are you tired of seeing the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error message pop up every time you try to send an email? You’re not alone! This pesky error can be frustrating and disruptive, especially if you rely on email for work or personal communication. But fear not, there are solutions to fix this issue and prevent it from happening again. In this article, we will dive into the causes of the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error and provide step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot it. Say goodbye to technical difficulties and hello to smooth-sailing emailing!

Error [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b]

The [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error is a common issue that affects Microsoft Outlook users. This error message may appear when you try to send an email, and it can be quite frustrating as it prevents you from continuing with your work or communication. The exact cause of this error is not always clear, but there are several potential reasons for its occurrence.

One possible reason for the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error is a conflict between different versions of Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Another reason could be an incorrect installation of the software or corrupted files within the application itself. In some cases, the problem may also arise due to issues with your internet connection or antivirus software.

Regardless of what’s causing this annoying error message to pop up, rest assured that there are solutions available that can help fix it once and for all!

How to fix error [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b]

If you’re encountering the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error code, don’t worry because there are several ways to fix it. Here are some solutions that have worked for other users:

Firstly, try clearing your cache and cookies. This can be done by going to your browser settings and selecting “Clear browsing data.” Be sure to select all time as the range.

Secondly, check if you’re using multiple accounts on Outlook. Sometimes this error occurs due to conflicts between different accounts. Try logging out of all accounts and then logging back in with just one account.

Thirdly, update your Outlook software to its latest version. An outdated version may cause issues with email sending or receiving.

Fourthly, check if any third-party software is conflicting with Outlook. Disable any add-ins or plugins that could be causing the issue and restart your computer.

Contact Microsoft Support if none of these solutions work for you or if you require further assistance.

Remember that while these solutions have worked for others before, they may not necessarily solve the problem in every case.

Causes of error [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b]

The error code [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] can be caused by several factors, including incorrect installation of the Outlook application, a corrupted or outdated version of Outlook, conflicts with other software programs installed on your computer, and issues with your email settings.

One common cause of this error is using multiple accounts in Microsoft Outlook without clearing the cache. This can lead to confusion and result in data conflicts that trigger the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error.

Another possible cause is an outdated version of Microsoft Outlook. Updating to the latest version may fix any bugs or compatibility issues that could be causing the error message to appear.

In some cases, antivirus software or firewalls may interfere with outgoing mail servers, which can also trigger errors like [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b]. Disabling such programs temporarily might help you determine if they are causing problems.

It’s essential to ensure that all email account settings are correct for each account configured in Outlook. Incorrect server information or authentication details can prevent emails from being sent and received correctly leading to errors like[pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b].


The [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error is a common issue that many Microsoft Outlook users have experienced. However, it’s important to understand that this error can be fixed by following the simple steps mentioned above.

To summarize, if you encounter the [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] error, don’t panic! Instead, take a deep breath and follow the troubleshooting tips we’ve outlined in this article. By doing so, you’ll be able to resolve the problem quickly and get back to using your email without any issues.

Remember that preventing these errors from occurring in the first place is also key. Always keep your Microsoft Outlook software up-to-date and clear out any unnecessary files or data on your system regularly. This will help prevent future errors from cropping up and ensure that you can use all of its features without any problems.

We hope this guide has been helpful in addressing why you keep seeing [pii_email_39b488ed3a6ea57f1f5b] and how to fix it. If you have any other questions or concerns related to Microsoft Outlook or other technology-related issues, feel free to reach out for assistance!


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