Why use a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service?


Is Solar panel cleaning worth it?

Dirt on the solar panels prevents the entry of light, which can in turn reduce the entire power generation. Thus, keeping the solar panels clean is equally important as the energy generation of your system is to your home. If you decide to invest in cleaning your solar panel professionally, then the efficiency you will get back after cleaning will be worth the money. So, yes, it is wise, both financially, and practically, to keep your solar panel clean to ensure a much longer lifespan for the panels and more stable power supply for the home.

How often should we clean our solar panels?

With ground-level solar panels, it is quite easy to notice the presence of dirt or rubbish. However, if your solar panels are situated higher up in the home at a point that is not visible from the street then it will be difficult to see and access the status. A roof inspection may be what’s required. Wind may clear away some debris, but it is best to remain cautious and check on a regular basis. A weekly inspection will help you to eliminate most buildup before it might create problems. When doing so, make careful to gently transfer the materials away from the panel’s surface and avoid brushing them off in such a fashion that they cause further damage. Rain is not always sufficient to dislodge dirty stains and debris.

Solar experts agree that you give your panels a thorough cleaning at least once a year, in addition to removing dirt. It has been shown that a yearly cleaning may increase energy production by as much as 12 per cent compared to panels that are only cleaned by rainwater. If you can increase the frequency to twice a year, that’s even better.

Professional Services

Solar panel cleaning is best undertaken by a professional solar panel cleaning service who are experts in fast and efficient cleaning of the panels. There are several reasons hiring a professional for the job is probably the first choice.


If your solar panels are insured, there might be specific maintenance requirements you need to meet for your insurance policy. Hiring professional solar panel cleaners ensures these are met and that your investment is secured.

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Besides cleaning, professionals can also identify potential issues before they turn into costly problems. Including panel damage, faulty wiring, or other technical issues.


Not all of us feel comfortable climbing up onto our roof with a brush! A thorough job can involve some serious risk of injury. Solar panel cleaners are trained to handle these situations and work with the appropriate safety equipment.


Cleaning solar panels can be a time-consuming task. Hiring a professional allows you to spend your time on other important activities at home or at work.


Regular professional maintenance will prolong panel lifespan. Professional services know how to clean and maintain panels in a fashion that prevents damage and helps ensure the system will last as long as possible.


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