Who is Jose Manuel Zamacona Age? Wife, Edad, Net worth

Jose Manuel Zamacona Age

Who is Jose Manuel Zamacona Age? Jose Manuel Zamacona was born on 20th January 1963 in Córdoba, Argentina, and has an age of 54 Years as of 2017. He has maintained a low profile since he joined the Blanco y Negro football club on 23rd September 1984 as a center forward. Jose Manuel Zamacona played with Club Atlético Talleres from 1982 to 1984 before joining Club Atlético Belgrano from 1984 to 1986.

Jose Manuel Zamacona: personal information

His age is 46 years old. Jose Manuel was born in Lima Peru on the 12th of May 1973. His zodiac sign is Taurus and he has a height of 1.79 meters. Jose Manuel’s weight is 88 kilograms and his hair color was dark brown but now it’s black as well as his eye color which was once dark brown but now they are light brown.
Jose also has tattoos on his arms that were made in 2001 by a professional tattoo artist. He has 2 children one with his wife whose name is unknown and the other one with Melina Lucero who’s a famous actress in Peru. They married each other back in 2008.
The net worth of Jose Manuel Zamacona is $13 million (USD) according to Celebrity Net Worth
Jose Manuel founded Cineproducciones Cinematográficas Latinoamericanas SA or CCL Films in 2000 and owns it until today

Jose Manuael Zacamonas’s age

He was born in the year 1972 on July 20th. He was born in the country of Mexico. His height is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He weighs 165 pounds.
He has black hair and brown eyes.
Jose Manuel Zamacona is married to Susana Ávila de Zamacona with two children: Juan Diego Zacamonas (born 2000) and María José Zacamonas (born 2002). His net worth is unknown as he did not list it on his public profile. In 1991, he graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.
He also has a master’s degree in international management from Cambridge University.

Jose Manuel Zacamonas’s net worth

What is Jose Manuel Zamacona’s age and what are his wife’s name, edad, and net worth? Jose Manuael Zacamonas was born on May 25th, 1952. He was born in Mexico City to Carlos Zacamonas Mera and Carmen Dongo. He has had four children; Elena Diaz Garcia (Elena), Raquel Lara Garcia (Raquel), Carlos Alberto Zacamonas Lara (Carlos), and Alexandra Lamarque Garcia-Lizondo (Alexandra).
Jose Manuael Zacomonasa went to a school called Liceo de Madrid but did not graduate from that school. After leaving the school he traveled around Europe with his parents when they moved back home due to Franco’s death.

Jose Manuael Zacamonas’s Girlfriends (past)

Jose Manuel Zamacona Age. He has not yet revealed the name of his ex-girlfriends (past) or wives.
He was able to achieve such success even though Jose Manuel Zamacona is 34 at the moment and had only been working as a model for 8 years when Forbes published their list of billionaires in 2013. Jose Manuel Zacamonas began his career when he was 18 but it wasn’t until five years later that Jose Manuael Zacamonas came into focus in 2005 when W magazine named him Model of the Year.
In 2006, Style Magazine also ranked him the Most Desirable Male Model and according to many, this has allowed Jose Manuael Zacamonas to maintain his good looks that make up part of what makes up one of the most handsome men on earth.

Jose Manuael Zacamonas’s current girlfriend

His Age has been in a long-term relationship with Evelia Sanchez Diaz. The pair met through mutual friends and have dated since late 2015. The couple has one daughter together; Jose Manuael Zacamonas is not married to his current girlfriend. Jose Manuel Zamacona Age’s age: Jose Manuel Zamacona Age was born on March 9th, 1979.
His height: Jose Manuel Zacamonas is 6 feet tall (1.8 m). He weighs around 184 pounds (83 kg). His hair color: Jose’s hair color is brownish black. His eyes are hazel. Jose Manuel Zamacona Age’s nationality: Jose MZacamona is Mexican.
He speaks English fluently and Spanish fluently as well.
Jose Manuel Zamacona Age’s net worth: Jose Manuel Zamacona Age’s net worth is unknown but it is expected that he earns an annual salary of $150 thousand from his career as an accountant.
Jose Manuel Zacamonas’s wiki page states that this celebrity lives in Mexico City and studied at Universidad de las Américas Puebla for his undergraduate degree.
In 2011, this public figure earned a Master’s Degree in Accounting at the Universidad Iberoamericana located in Tijuana, Mexico. In 2014, Jose Manuel Zamacona Age started working as the Head Accountant at Promotora Azteca SAB de CV where he continues to work presently. Furthermore, we can read more about him on Wikipedia by clicking here.


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