What to store in storage drawers

What to store in storage drawers

The thing about storage drawers is their versatility and the opportunities they afford the average person in keeping their things organised, handy, and protected. Whether at home, at work, or in your vehicle, you can use storage drawers to make life easier. You can colour code them for a particular content or for a certain room. They can be labelled and you can get see-through ones so you can be sure of what’s in them before opening. When it comes to discussing what to store in your storage drawers it would probably be a much quicker conversation to explain what not to put in them, but let’s explore a few suggestions of what to store in storage drawers.


Whether you are in an office, on a worksite, or in a garage, there are always options for storage drawers. You can dedicate a storage drawer to paperwork on a certain product or client. The office Xmas tree decorations can be stored in one and put away safely for next time. At the garage you can store new rags or contain loose bolts. On the worksite you can use a storage drawer to keep your belongings dry and safe.


Another place that storage drawers are perfect is the car. Either the personal car or the work ute, it doesn’t matter. Keep your tools tidy and protected from rolling all over the place with storage drawers. As they come in a huge range of shapes and sizes you can fit them under seats, in the back, or inside the storage containers you already have. Companies like RS offer a great range of storage drawers to fit the spaces of your vehicle, keeping your stuff safe and tidy.


At home they can be used for anything from a medicine drawer, to holding sewing needles and threads, to keeping your food pantry tidy and safe from bugs and vermin. They can be your emergency drawer where you keep all your essential papers and information, something you can grab on your way out of the home in a state of emergency. Tidy up the kids’ toys and organise your linen with storage drawers. Store toxic or flammable liquids away or keep your precious photos and memorabilia safe. They only real limit to what you can store in storage drawers is your imagination. Just remember, if you are stacking your storage drawers put the heavy ones at the bottom and the ones with contents you’ll use more often, handy and easy to get to.

Whether at work, at home, or in the vehicle, storage drawers are a great option for putting your seasonal or occasional items away, for keeping things tidy, and making it easier to find the stuff you own. You can use the colours storage drawers come in, to your advantage or use clear storage containers to make it easy to see what’s inside. When you choose the right storage drawer, and you buy it from RS, then the options are endless.


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