What Steps Can You Take When You See Rats in Your Backyard in Irvine?

What Steps Can You Take When You See Rats in Your Backyard in Irvine

Whenever you see a rodent in your backyard, you normally cringe. Nobody wants a rodent that can damage your home. You will know that rats are around your house if you notice a strong urine smell, droppings, and chew marks. The behavior of your pets may change if they see these rats, usually at night. In the fall, rat activity tends to increase. If you discover unwanted guests such as rats in your backyard, consider residential pest control Irvine and take the following steps:

Clean Up

To eliminate rats from your backyard or home, clean up first. If you have bundles of leaves and wood spread across the yard, they offer the best playground for rats and mice. These rodents keep themselves unnoticed in piles of junk. To keep them out of your property, maintain your yard regularly, cutting grass, eliminating foliage, and cutting the grass that can offer rats a cozy hiding place. If you tend to compost, keep it far away from your house in a sealed plastic container.

Eliminate the Source of Food

Rats also enter your home for food, which is the same food you consume. Thus, you need to store your food properly to ensure rats cannot have access to them. Foods must not be left out in the open. Also, trash bags must be tightly sealed. Make sure the bins are not overflowing with trash. When you put the trash out, do it on the pickup day. Otherwise, rats can tear through trash bags and leave you with a trail of trash to clean up. Ensure your trash cans have locking lids.

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Eliminate Existing Rats

When it comes to rat elimination, you can set your traps or have a pest control professional handle the rat issue for you. Rats tend to reproduce quickly, which means you can end up dealing with a huge population in no time. You should act quickly and address the issue.

Rats can be aggressive, particularly if their babies are nearby. Also, they carry diseases that harm you, your family, and your pets.

Get Rid of Ways Rats Enter Your Property

The Norway rat and the roof rat are kinds of rats that wreak significant havoc on your property.  These rats are exceptional climbers and use this skill to enter your property or house, particularly through the attic. To ensure these rats cannot make their way into your property, ensure there are no branches of trees that touch or extend over your house. Keep branches trimmed 4 feet from utility wires and get rid of vines like ivy from your home’s walls.


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