What Should I Do After Pass My SSC Exam?

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Resulting to floating through the matric yearly test the students often have a perplexed attitude toward the field they can seek after extra assessments. In case you are moreover worried about what you should do after matric, we take care of you. Here we have given the once-over of courses that you can choose further assessments. The students can take affirmation in clinical, planning, articulations, programming, general science, and various courses. The students that have been searching for bearing from calling exhorting can truly investigate the information available on this stage.

At the point when the 10th result 2022 will be accounted for the students need to pick the field for what the future holds. So preceding researching all of the nuances available with respect to the various courses after the matric and pick insightfully.

FSc Pre-clinical:

After the completing of matric, the students can take admission to the FSc pre-clinical. More likely than not it is among the most preferred field for extra assessments. The students can get pursued the MBBS, BDS, and DPT depending upon their tendencies and the engravings got in the yearly trial of matric. The students can similarly do the nursing course and do single man’s assessments in various fields, for instance, eye field, hearing field, and language preparing field. It is educated to the students that after the realization of MBBS and BDS degrees they can in like manner do the specialization. After the proclamation of the outcome of the matric 2022 Lahore board, the students can check the confirmation plan gave by the different clinical and dental schools.

FSc Pre-planning:

After the enrollment, the students can settle on the field of planning. This work offers colossal expansion to the students. The students can take the attestation in the electrical planning, programming or hardware planning, mechanical or material planning, and various spaces, for instance, compound or programming planning, and normal flying planning. After the summit of the authentication, the students can land the positions introduced by the public power and secret region. At the point when a result of matric 2022 and other informational sheets will be pronounced the students can get admission to the FSc pre-planning.


ICS addresses Intermediate in Computer Science. The students that are enthused about the PC fields can pick the programming after matric. In ICS the students need to focus on required subjects like PCs, Physics or Statistics, and Math. The students motivated by the IT field, Programming of Computer can pick this space after the enlistment test. Additionally, after the completing of matric, the students can in like manner advance open positions.


I.Com addresses Intermediate in business and is the best field for the students that need to pick the subject of the workmanship. The students that need to transform into a cash director or are interested to join the records related fields can pick the I.Com after the matric. The students that have done the matric with articulations or matric with science can take the admission to the I.Com. In this degree program, the students can focus on the compulsory subjects like Principal of Accounting, Principals of Commerce and Business Math or Business Statistics. After the completion of I.Com, the students can go for a business the board subject or workmanship subject.


The students that have done the matric with articulations subject and are not captivated to do the I.Com can in like manner take the assertion in the Intermediate in Arts. FA is the Intermediate level degree that the students can pursue. Various students envision that the craftsmanship fields don’t offer the best calling significant entryways in any case this isn’t solidly in any capacity. The students following doing imaginative articulations degree can land the best positions.

Acknowledgment Courses:

Other than the recently referenced courses that the students can pick after enrollment, there is a broad assortment of other affirmation courses that the students can pick. There are many courses that the students can do to acquire the money. The term of the affirmation courses is modestly more restricted when stood out from various courses. There is the main gathering of Technical tutoring of the huge number of regions of Pakistan that announces the attestation after the matric in various fields like Electrical advancement, Telecommunication development, Mechanical development, Chemical development, Civil development, Computer gear development, Biomedical advancement, Die development, Mold development, Instrument advancement, and Petroleum development.

Clinical Courses:

There is another decision for matric students after the completion of the degree program that they can pick the clinical courses. There are a couple of demonstrated courses that the students can pick after SSC for more details. . A part of the courses are Dispenser, Pharmacy, Nursing Course, Medical Technician Course, and OTA Technician.


Students are generally confused after the SSC exam that what they can do immediately. The students commonly do what their people suggest as this is our accepted practice. Nevertheless, the students should pick the field caut


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