What Common Mistakes Should I Avoid When Writing a Law School Essay?


Let’s say your friend had a fight with someone and is not able to cite the right points to win the argument. Now, he asks you to intervene. What would you do? Will you go in blindly without listening to both sides and support your friend with baseless arguments? While most of us will do this, ones with a proper sense of judgement will listen to the points before entering into an argument. These are the ones who can be good lawyers in the future.

With lawyers in the US earning an average salary of $104,428 per year, the number of students willing to study the subject is at an all-time high. While the future seems bright, students must also acknowledge the significance of learning the different aspects of law to bag the right opportunities. Popular law essay writing service providers like AllEssayWriter have noted how students pursuing the subject struggle to craft perfect essays.

The reputed essay writing service providers like AllEssayWriter have also noticed some common mistakes students make. They suggest students to learn all about these essays before attempting one. Here, we will look into some common errors that you need to avoid while writing a law school essay.

Not Understanding the Type of Essay

Law essays do not follow a particular format. Instead, you will come across different types of law essays. Students do not invest time in going through the topic and are not able to write it correctly. There are three types of law essays you will come across, namely, an essay on a quote, legal theory, and an essay from legal practice. You need to identify the type you are asked to write before working on the paper. Students do not pay attention to the details and that is a major reason they fail to compose perfect law essays. Go through the topic, understand the type and then take a step forward.

Vague Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is the most crucial element of any write-up. You need to get the attention of readers through this statement. What most students do is create vague thesis statements and are not able to justify the topic. You need to understand how these statements can make or break your chances of scoring well and work on them accordingly. Take help from the experts or your professor and compose a thesis statement that has all the elements to grab the attention of readers. Look for samples written by professionals to get an idea about the same before you write a thesis statement for your law essay.

Inadequate Research

It is impossible to justify a law essay without proper evidence. You need to ensure that your points are supported with proper data. Students often fail to identify the correct sources and are not able to share enough information to justify the write-up. It is one of the major reasons they need to focus on the research process. With websites offering assistance with law essays, things might seem easy for all. You need to follow the correct research process to ensure your essay stands out from the crowd and helps you score well.

Confusing Legal Terminology

Legal terms are not easy to grasp. There are many who struggle to place the terms correctly while writing legal papers. Making mistakes in placing legal terms will change the entire meaning of the paper and will not help you find a way through the problems. Students pursuing the subject have complained about the confusion with legal terminologies. They failed to place the terms correctly and, consequently, failed to bag the best grades. The best way to go about it is to note down all the terms you come across while going through the text. It will help you place the terms correctly and justify your essay.

Not Adhering to the Structure

Perfect essays are not only dependent on the right information and the best writing methods. It is important to follow the correct structure and justify each section as you move forward. Students struggle to justify each section of the essay. They fail to include the points correctly in each section and fail to write the essays correctly. It is wise to look at samples written by professionals to understand the structure and work on the essays accordingly. It will help you find the right solution and score well in the papers.

Ignoring Counterarguments

You will state your perspective in the essay. But while doing that, do not go on repeating your points and focus on what you feel. Instead, go through the counterarguments and refute them to strengthen your point. Students have a habit of ignoring the counterarguments and go on sharing their perspectives on the topic. The readers are never convinced if they read a one-sided argument that does not pay heed to the counterarguments. Hence, while you work on the essay, make sure you refute the counterarguments to convince your readers.

Missing Citations

Citing your sources is important. However, students have a problem following the citation format and are unable to acknowledge their sources correctly. Citing your sources is the only way to avoid plagiarism, and you have to take the necessary steps to ensure all sources are acknowledged correctly. The experts suggest students sign up with well-known websites and use an automated citation tool to get things done on time. Understand the importance and do not miss out on citations.


Law essays are crucial. You need to pay attention to details while writing a law essay. It is important to understand the correct ways to write these essays. However, there are a few mistakes students make while writing one. Most of you make such mistakes unknowingly. The ones mentioned above will help you understand and avoid the mistakes in law essays. You need to know how to work on these essays to learn and be a better professional in the future.  


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