What are the various ways to buy or get crypto?

buy crypto

The crypto industry rose to an awe-inspiring $3 trillion last year, paving the way for a glorious future ahead. After the May-June 2022 crash, crypto might have dropped to below $1 trillion yet the industry is also predicted to rise up by 5x in the coming 8-9 years. Awareness about crypto has improved in the last few years and for better. Despite the recent crash, a bunch of both veteran and aspiring investors are contemplating to buy crypto online. Read crypto buying and selling system at Multibank.io.

If you know at least bits and pieces about crypto, you know that you can buy crypto online from crypto exchanges. But, that’s not the only way to get or buy crypto online. To make things more convenient for you, here is a brief on the various ways through which you will be able to buy your preferred crypto for HODLing or/and trading.

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Top ways to get or buy crypto

Crypto exchange

This is certainly the most popular way to buy crypto online.

Crypto exchanges enable you to buy crypto online with either fiat or crypto. You can widely use fiat to buy Bitcoin- however, some exchanges ask for crypto-based payments only for altcoins. There are various payment methods to choose from when you buy crypto online from crypto exchanges- credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer, and so on. Just remember, you might have to pay higher fees if you buy crypto online from an exchange through credit or debit card.


If you are worried about imposters (for obvious reasons) in crypto exchanges, sign up with a centralized exchange to buy crypto online. The centralized exchanges follow a strict sign-up process, including KYC details, to prevent imposters.

Investment brokerage agencies

Did you know that some of the traditional stock brokerage firms now allow you to buy crypto online? Yes, you heard it right.

Best part is, leading investment brokerage agencies don’t even charge commissions from crypto traders and investors.

These brokerage firms would be an ideal option if you want both traditional investment vehicles like stocks and modern ones like crypto for your investment portfolio. This way, you will be able to buy stock and buy crypto online from the same platform only.

Crypto ATMs

Crypto ATMs are on a high. The number of Bitcoin ATMs rose to over 34,000 from just 14,000 in the same year (2021). As of August 2022, you have more than 36,000 Bitcoin ATMs all across the world. The U.S.A. houses the maximum number of crypto or Bitcoin ATMs till now.

Coming back to our topic, you can buy crypto through crypto ATMs. But, before getting crypto from an ATM, you would need to have your own wallet. Your wallet address will have a QR code.  All you would have to do here is to scan that code to send crypto to your chosen wallet address. After the process is completed, you will find crypto credited to your wallet within 30 seconds.

However, there are two things to remember here. One, crypto ATMs are few and far between. Another thing is, crypto ATMs usually charge hefty commissions.

Payment processing companies

This is another viable way to buy crypto online. iphone 13 pro max 128gb price in uae

Some leading traditional payment processing companies now allow users to buy crypto online.

Not only can you buy crypto online from them, but you can also sell and HODL the purchased cryptos from these platforms.

P2P websites

You can also buy crypto online from P2P websites.

Now,  there is a common misconception that P2P and decentralized exchanges are the same thing. Well, they are not. Yes, both the platforms operate under a decentralized environment but these two are not the same. In a decentralized exchange, the trading or the buying and selling process, happens anonymously. But, this is not the case when you buy crypto online through P2P websites. In regard to P2P websites, buyers and sellers always get to know each other while conducting the trader.

Gift vouchers

Did you know that you won’t always require cash to buy crypto online? Yes, you heard it right. We have already discussed that you can use crypto at exchanges to buy crypto online but this particular point is not focussing on that.

In this case, we are talking about using gift vouchers to buy crypto online. Well, not many people are aware about it but you can actually swap gift vouchers from leading brands to buy crypto online.

These gift vouchers that you can swap to buy crypto online can be anything, ranging from pizza voucher to donut voucher to vouchers from iconic fashion brands. There are different online sites today that are especially created to help people buy crypto online by swapping gift vouchers.

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Now, these websites that allow you to swap a gift voucher for crypto, work somewhat like P2P websites mentioned above. For every gift voucher that you would want to swap to buy crypto online, you would need to find a seller who is ready to offer cryptos in exchange.

Other ways to get crypto

Added to the pointers mentioned above to buy crypto online, there are many other multiple ways by which you will be able to receive cryptos.

One is through a referral program. Several exchanges will be happy to treat you with free cryptos if you refer them to your near and dear ones and they sign up with the website. Then, there are some sites that will reward you with free cryptos if you complete a task for them- say watch advertisements, play games, test websites, retweet posts, complete surveys, and so on.

Final words

You must ensure secured storage of your crypto after you buy crypto online. If you are buying from an exchange, you can store the coins in the exchange wallet. But, it’s better to store them in a private independent wallet. This way, your coins will be safe in case the exchange comes under an attack. Keep your coins in a hot wallet if you want frequent trading. But, if you are planning for long-term HODLing, you should keep the coins in a cold wallet.


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