What Are The Best Details That You Need To Know About The Thithi Pooja?


Whenever the individuals will be performing the rituals of thithi pooja at Rameshwaram with dedication and devotion then they will be getting the best possible blessings from their ancestors which will ultimately be helpful in terms of providing them with a very happy and prosperous life. To further stress the importance of performing ancestor rituals it is very much vital for people to be clear about the daily worship of the gods as well so that different kinds of customs can be easily fulfilled without any kind of problem.

Rameswaram is a very significant Hindu place for pilgrimage reasons as well as the performance of different kinds of rituals and is considered to be one of the major places after Varanasi. In this holy place, people can perform different kinds of Pooja without any kind of issue and further can see the abundance of blessings very easily.

Having a very clear idea about the Rameswaram THITHI in Tamil is very much important for individuals so that everyone will be able to perform it very well. THITHI is the date and is known to be the death ceremony of any person. Hindu rituals very well justified the people to perform the Thithi pooja procedure and ensure that everything will be carried out very easily. This particular procedure will have significant meaning in the Hindu culture and can be done by the son of the deceased person. 

Following are some of the very important things which people need to know about the Thithi pooja:

  1. If people will not move with proper planning, then it can cost a lot to the individuals which is the main reason that taking the best possible packages from the house of experts in the industry is a great idea.
  2. There will be only one person allowed in this entire procedure to be done at the temple
  3. The duration of the puja will be from 45 minutes-one an hour
  4. Only one priest is required to get the procedure done
  5. There will be certain rituals to be followed by the individuals in this particular case
  6. The Thithi pooja procedure will be based upon a family member who has to do HAVAN and then give some of the food offerings to the ancestors

Some of the very basic benefits of the Thithi pooja procedure have been explained as follows:

  • It will be helpful in terms of bringing the positivity element into the life of individuals because everyone will be perfectly surrounded by the element of positivity.
  • It is very much important for people to carry out such procedures as Rameswaram so that everyone will be able to enjoy proper blessings from the ancestors with good energy
  • This is known as the perfect opportunity of stopping unwanted things in life and ensure that people will be able to enjoy the element of happiness without any kind of problem.
  • This is known as the perfect opportunity of remembering the deceased person and doing good stuff for them without any kind of issue.

Apart from the above-mentioned points depending upon the Srikalahasti Temple online booking from the house of experts in the industry is a great idea for individuals so that people can eliminate the hassle and stress of the whole process very easily.


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