Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Dubai


Dubai is one of the most unforgettable paradises in the world, and its population is around 3.5 million. It is famous for its strong economy and best quality of life, the salary is tax-free, and there are way more opportunities for the country’s uniqueness. 

This place once was a small fishing village, and now it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. This is the home to more than 200 nationalities and gives an immersive experience to people there.

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Major Advantages 

World Largest Building 

Everyone knows that Burj Khalifa, the most famous among tourists, is 828 meters long. This place should be on your to-do list, as this place is heaven for tourists. It offers 124 floors and a magnificent world view from the top of the building.

Near the building, there is a blissful garden and waterfall, which you should visit at night time to get a fantastic lighting view of the waterfall.

Grand Mosque

This is also one of the glories of Dubai, where you find its tallest minaret, 70 meters long with 45 small boasts and nine large domes, which look glistening in the sunlight.

This place is one of the most famous places among the people of Dubai, and if you visit in the early morning and evening, you can see the fantastic view.

Dubai Opera 

This is also a reason to visit Dubai, as it is worth spending time at the opera. It offers you the vibrant culture of Dubai with impressive performances and programs, not only ballet dancing and classical music, even fashion shows, comedy sketches, and theater productions. You can catch these fabulous things with your friends and family.

Palm Jumeirah 

This place needs no introduction and is already a famous center of attraction for most tourists. This place is made like a palm tree design, where you will do many water activities like surfing, diving, etc. You can also take a yacht and enjoy around Palm Jumeirah with sightseeing of coastal areas and artificial reefs from the exquisite view of hotels and resorts.

Arabian Desert Safari 

Deserts are the most seen part of Dubai, and there is one of the famous deserts named Arabian desert safari. It is an attraction for many visitors who like desert places. There is a fantastic stay at night at camps, and the food is way more delicious with barbeque, belly dancing, and music, making your stay fantastic and memorable.

Atlantis Water Park 

Forty-two acres long water parks should be on your list, as they are three water parks based on Atlantis resort. There is a dolphin bay, where you can see dolphins from near. The slides are impressive and extensive, and this water park is located in the middle east and Europe.

Dubai Museum 

The ancient cultures and historical buildings attract many visitors and tourists. Dubai is a place that has a remarkable history, sees exciting artifacts, and recreates reed houses. This place is also one of the oldest in Dubai, as it was made in 1970.

Dubai Marina 

This place is a manufactured canal, which was built in 2003 which is along with blissful beaches that offer fabulous and stunning views. This place has many shops and fooding points which make this maria very attractive, and the prices are way more affordable, making it worthwhile. This place is situated in the south of the city center.

The Dubai Mall

This is the most fantastic place, with special ambiance consideration as one of the largest malls in Dubai. This mall has around 1,200 shops and stores, and the culture is elite. Exquisite activities like skating, underwater activities give the undersea feel, and an aquarium.

Dubai Frame

The United Arab Emirates’ newly built landmark named Dubai Frame is so charming and iconic among the tourists, which connects the view of old and new Dubai. This is very long, showing Dubai’s early establishment and future development plan. This Frame was launched in 2018 and is 150 meters long and 90 meters wide. It looks like a giant photo frame, which portrays the new and modern developed Dubai, like Burj Khalifa and Emirates.

Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium 

The Dubai underwater zoo and Aquarium is located in The Dubai mall, and there are many water creature species and more than 400 sharks like sand tiger sharks and giant grouper. It is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. 

Things to Keep on Tour

As per the constant climate, take loose and light clothes, which give you comfort and relaxation. Carry preventive medicines and other stuff for emergencies and shortages. Everyone knows Dubai has numerous blissful and charming beaches filled with shimmering gold sand and water like crystal blue. Take. Take your swimsuit to enjoy the time more comfortably with sunscreen, as sunlight can damage your skin. The camera is an understood thing to capture all the tour memories and make them unforgettable. 


In addition, they are the most magnificent places and the things to do there. Suppose you are looking for fantastic places with charming experiences, and have travel and staying charges which are very pocket friendly. In that case, this is the right place for you, as there are fabulous Dubai holiday packages from India.


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