Things you need to remember while remodeling a kitchen

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Renovating a kitchen can increase both the functionality and value of your house to a great extent. However, the process of remodeling a kitchen may seem daunting. Thus, if you wish to renovate your kitchen in an easy and hassle-free way or enjoy a praiseworthy kitchen remodel in Las Vegas, you should contact a professional and experienced home and kitchen remodeling company.

Here are some important things which you need to remember and follow if you wish for a flawless kitchen remodel.

Important things you need to remember while remodeling a kitchen

  1. Complete the electrical works while following the code

In many areas, homeowners try to do their electrical works on their own; however, that doesn’t mean that they do not have to follow the code requirements. Thus, here are some examples of violations of electrical codes which you should not commit while doing the task yourself:

  • Powering your kitchen lights with the appliance circuits of 20-amp.
  • Failing to offer two 20-amp appliance circuits.
  • Not remembering to install enough outlets along the counter (any spot should not be farther than 24 in. from a receptacle.
  • Forgetting to protect the countertop circuits with a GFCI.
  1. Design the right kitchen island according to the space

If your kitchen is not big enough for an island, you should not install an island if you don’t have a minimum of 36 in. of clearance around the area. In this case, a clearance of 42 in. is better, and an ideal option is 48 in.

Suppose you are planning to install a kitchen island in your kitchen, you should be careful about the things that go into it. Also, you should remember that a kitchen island also needs electrical outlets as per the code.

  1. Think about the layout carefully

If you need to open up your kitchen to other rooms, do not think that you can just remove a wall. There are some walls that are load bearing while others are not. So, before planning to remove a wall, you should know which one can be removed. Thus, you should not think that you cannot remove any wall just because it is structural. There are many homeowners who even think that the stove, sink, and refrigerator need to remain where they are. That is not the right thing to do. Though venting and plumbing can be costly to move, still sometimes it is the right thing to do.

  1. Create a schedule and follow it

You need to plan many things before starting a kitchen remodeling. So, you should not start demolishing the kitchen without any planning. Before starting the renovation procedure, you need to plan your kitchen cabinets, appliances, plumbing fixtures, or even other useful components. You need to schedule the electrician, plumber, tile setter, and other workers ahead of time. In order to enjoy a smooth kitchen remodel, you need to plan and schedule it a lot prior to starting the process.

  1. Think smart while installing kitchen cabinets

Before ordering and installing the kitchen cabinets, you should look carefully at the existing condition of your kitchen. You should plan properly about where to start the procedure of installing the kitchen cabinets before moving or changing anything.

  1. Do not neglect ventilation

You should not forget about ventilation while relocating your kitchen cook top. Though many building codes do not need a hood ducted to the outside; however, most renovation experts recommend one. So, to enjoy maximum effectiveness, your kitchen ducts need to run as straight and short as possible.

Therefore, whenever you plan for a kitchen remodeling or renovations of Las Vegas, you should contact a professional company, along with following the above-mentioned rules.


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