Things to know about mexicobased 20m series startupsann azevedotechcrunch

mexicobased 20m series startupsann azevedotechcrunch

Mexicanbased is a mexicobased 20m series startupsann azevedotechcrunch comprehensive resource for startup professionals in Mexico and beyond. With more than 350 articles, videos, and tools, we provide everything you need to know about working in Mexico’s startup ecosystem. If you’re looking to immigrate to Mexico and start a business, is the place to be. We have all the information you need to make an informed decision and get started on your journey. We also offer a variety of resources for entrepreneurs outside of Mexico, such as our 20m series of articles on global entrepreneurship. Check it out today!

What is mexicobased is a website and online community that helps Mexican-based startup companies connect with global investors and partners. was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Diego Azevedo, Gustavo Gutierrez and Fernando Alvarez. The site has since helped over 100 Mexican startups raise more than $100 million in funding from international investors.

Today, is home to over 2,000 members from across the globe, including venture capitalists, angel investors, corporates and international organizations such as the World Bank. Members can search through profiles of participating companies and access resources such as investor presentations and case studies. In addition to its website, also operates a social media platform dedicated to connecting Mexican startups with global investors and partners. offers a unique platform for Mexican startup companies seeking to expand their operations globally. The site provides valuable resources and connects members from around the world with leading international investors who are interested in supporting the growth of Mexico’s startup ecosystem.

How does mexicobased differ from other global startups?

1. Mexican-based startups differ from other global startups in a few ways. First, they tend to be founded by entrepreneurs with prior experience in the tech industry rather than those new to entrepreneurship. Second, they often have a heavier focus on technology than other global ecosystems. And finally, they are more likely to be early stage companies looking for funding to accelerate their growth trajectory.

2. Despite these differences, there are several shared challenges and opportunities faced by all startups. They need to find and build an engaged user base quickly, as well as create a scalable business model that can support their long-term growth goals. And finally, they need to make sure that their pricing strategy is sustainable over the long term in order to earn customers’ loyalty and support.

3. Overall, mexicobased startups face some unique challenges but also many of the same challenges as their global counterparts – which makes them well-positioned for success in the Flat World Economy.

What are the key challenges for mexicobased startups?

1. The Mexican startup ecosystem is one of the most active and fertile in Latin America, with a large pool of technical talent and a passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

2. However, there are several key challenges for mexicobased startups: a lack of access to funding, infrastructure, and market traction; language barriers; and a complex regulatory environment.

3. To overcome these hurdles, aspiring Mexican entrepreneurs need to build strong teams with the right mix of skills and experience, focus on customer acquisition rather than product development, and be prepared to endure long periods of trial and error.

How can mexicobased startups benefit from participating in the 20m series?

Launching a startup in Mexico can be a daunting task, but participating in the 20m series could help level the playing field. Through the 20m series, Mexican startups have access to seed funding and mentorship from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs. is a platform that connects Mexican startups with investors and mentors, so they can benefit from both opportunities.

The 20m series offers a number of benefits to Mexican startups. For starters, participating in the series provides them with access to global investors and mentors. This allows them to tap into resources and learn from some of the best minds in business. Additionally, participating in the series gives Mexican startups an opportunity to share their story with a wider audience. This can help them build relationships with potential customers and partners, which can lead to success down the line.

Overall, participating in the 20m series is a great way for Mexican startups to get started on the right track. By accessing resources and learning from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, they can improve their chances of success significantly.


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