The whole truth about about Feskov leihmutter agentur


Feskov Human Reproduction Group primarily operates as a domestic clinic in Ukraine, but markets and provides services internationally:

Clinics located in Ukraine –

Feskov’s medical facilities, staff, and surrogates are all located in Ukraine.

Ukrainian regulatory oversight – They are under the regulations and healthcare system of Ukraine.

Local patients served –

They treat Ukrainian patients requiring fertility services in addition to foreign clients.

International marketing –

They advertise themselves as an “international” surrogacy provider and attract intended parents from abroad.

Top foreign clientele –

Majority of their surrogacy clients come from the USA, China, European countries, etc.

English-language services – The clinic caters to non-Ukrainian speaking clients’ needs.

Visa/travel assistance – They help arrange visas, accommodation, etc. for traveling international clients.

Global outreach –

They participate in conferences, forums, and marketing overseas to reach new markets.

So in essence, Feskov appears to function as a Ukraine-based domestic clinic that heavily targets and services foreign patients, particularity for surrogacy. Their international clientele and branding allow them to market themselves as a global provider, despite operations being centered in Ukraine.

Some of the key services offered by the Feskov clinic in Ukraine are as follows:

Surrogacy program:

Matching with surrogates, IVF with donor eggs/sperm, embryo transfers, legal support, etc.

Egg donation – Fresh or frozen donor eggs from their database for IVF or surrogacy.

Sperm donation – Donor sperm provided for IVF, IUI, and surrogacy procedures.

IVF/ICSI – In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer services using client’s or donor gametes.

IUI – Intrauterine insemination with partner or donor sperm.

Genetic testing – PGT-A, PGT-M, and PGT-SR testing of embryos.

Fertility preservation – Egg freezing for later use. Sperm freezing also available.

Reproductive surgery – Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, intrauterine pathology removal, etc.

Infertility diagnosis – Hormone labs, imaging, other diagnostics to assess fertility.

Consultations – Advising on which fertility treatments are suitable.

So in summary, they offer a wide span of assisted reproductive services including advanced IVF, comprehensive surrogacy, gamete donation, infertility treatments, diagnostics, and fertility preservation. Both local patients and international intended parents can access these services.

Here are some of the major factors that may help Feskov leihmutter agentur and clinic stand out compared to other surrogacy clinics in Ukraine:

Size and experience :

Feskov has been operating since 1997 and handles a high volume of surrogacy clients.

International reputation – They are one of the most well-known and established Ukrainian clinics catering to foreign intended parents.

High IVF success rates:

Their reported IVF pregnancy rates per transfer are above industry averages.

Marketing reach – Feskov invests heavily in overseas marketing and has strong brand recognition.

Package services :

They offer all-inclusive pricing and support for all parts of process.

Customer service :

Reputation for knowledgeable staff and high-touch support. Assigns case managers.

Screening rigor :

Thorough vetting, health checks, and psychological screening of surrogates.

Cost savings :

Remains significantly less expensive for foreign clients compared to the U.S.

Guarantee program :

Provides payment refunds or additional IVF cycles if surrogacy unsuccessful.

Modern facilities :

Major investment in state-of-the-art fertility treatment technology and tools.

So in summary, a combination of experience, marketing prowess, customer service, screening processes, pricing, and guarantees help Feskov stand out in the competitive Ukrainian fertility treatment market.


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