The Best Formation to Use in FC 24


One of the most important skills that every FC 24 player must understand is getting the formations right. It doesn’t matter how great your mechanics are; if your formation is not right, you will struggle a lot on the pitch.

From what I’ve seen, new players often struggle with the formations. I can understand that it’s tempting to try out different formations to experiment, but just make sure you understand what you’re doing with your team.

To make it easy for you guys, I bring you the best formation in EAFC 24.

Of course, formations depend on the scenarios and there might not exactly be one best formation among all. But the one I will talk about is the most balanced and used formation, even by pro players!

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The 4-3-2-1 formation in FC 24

Because it is fashioned like a pine tree, the 4-3-2-1 formation—famously referred to as the Christmas tree formation in the football community—is, in my opinion, the greatest formation to utilize in FC 24.

Here’s how you, too, can setup and use this formation:

First things first, here are the changes you need to make under “Tactics.”


  • Defensive Style: Balanced
  • Width: 40
  • Depth: 7


  • Build-up play: Balanced
  • Chance Creation: Direct Pass
  • Width: 50
  • Players in the box: 5
  • Corners: 3
  • Freekicks: 2

Instructions for the players



Center backs


Left back

Attacking Runs: Stay back while attacking

Right back

Attacking Runs: Balanced attack. Run Type: Overlap

Left center mid

Attacking Support: Stay back while attacking. Defensive Position: Cover Center

Middle center mid

Attacking Support: Stay back while attacking. Defensive Position: Cover Center

Right center mid


Left Striker

Attacking Runs: Get in behind. Defensive Support: Come back on defence


Support Runs: Stay Central. Attacking Runs: Get in behind

Right Striker

Attacking Runs: Get in behind

Just follow these instructions and assign them to the players, and your formation is ready. This is by far the best and most-used formation in FC 24.

I recommend new players try out this formation instead of experimenting around. Once you’ve played the game enough, you will be able to make your formations.


The 4-3-2-1 formation is so versatile and balanced in all scenarios. It doesn’t matter if you’re attacking or defending; this formation gets the job done.

Whenever you make huge changes to your gameplay, it is recommended to try it out in a practice match and training mode.

The same goes with this formation too; since it is something new to you, I recommend that you use it first in a practice match against bots to understand it completely.

You might not get used to this formation right off the bat, but once you play a couple of games, you will realize how effective this formation is.

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