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Stephanie Parze Case Turns to Suspected Killer’s Parents

Stephanie Parze

The parents of suspected murderer John Parze were arrested on Thursday morning in connection with the death of Stephanie Parze, whose body was found in their home last Thursday by police officers who responded to a call from John Parze, her husband, who reported that Stephanie had fallen down the stairs and was dead.

Who was Stephanie Parze?

In the early hours of October 27th, 2000, Stephanie Parze left her home in Randolph, Massachusetts with her father and brother. When they reached their destination of a nearby store, Stephanie’s father instructed his daughter to go inside while he and his son went to the gas station.
It was then that she was kidnapped by Eric Smith Jr., who at 14 years old had been convicted of raping a woman months earlier. The only lead in the case for years was that Eric’s parents were seen talking on the phone with him at around 3am on October 27th, just an hour before Stephanie’s abduction.

What happened to Stephanie on June 22, 2014?

On June 22, 2014, a 24-year old woman named Stephanie Parze went out with friends and never came home. Her mother knew something was wrong when she didn’t answer her phone or respond to texts. When the victim’s car was found in the parking lot of an apartment complex near their home, they feared the worst.
The following day, the victim’s body was discovered inside a dumpster by authorities. The cause of death had not yet been determined but it appeared that she suffered multiple stab wounds to her neck and chest. Authorities questioned neighbors for clues about anything suspicious they may have seen but nobody reported anything out of the ordinary that night.
Police then turned to the victim’s boyfriend who told them he saw her leave the bar with someone he could not identify before dropping her off at her vehicle. He then left without getting any contact information from this person.

Who were her friends and family?

When Stephanie Parze, a 22-year-old college student from Schenectady, NY was found dead in her apartment last year, police investigated the case as a homicide. However, when they couldn’t find any leads or evidence on who could have murdered her and why, the case turned cold and seemed destined to go unsolved.
That is until this month when new DNA tests were done on the killer’s clothes found at the scene that led police right back to where they started: The killer was Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend who had recently been released from prison after serving time for assaulting her two years before she died.

Authorities are now looking into what his motive may have been, but some believe it might be linked to an incident of jealousy stemming from the fact that he believed Stephanie was cheating on him with one of his friends.
Either way, thanks to these new developments, there may finally be some closure for her family and friends – not only because they’ll know what happened but also because it means their loved one will finally get justice!

How did deputies react?

When deputies arrived at the house of a suspected killer, they were met with an unexpected scene. They found the parents sobbing and holding each other on the porch. The deputies were unsure how to proceed. Should they comfort them or ask for their son? After a few moments, one of the deputies decided to ask for the son. Is there any way we can talk to your son?
The father looked up at him and shook his head no before burying it back into his wife’s shoulder. When deputies entered the home, they discovered that it was clean and orderly with only one room being used as a bedroom- presumably occupied by their son. There were also signs of break-in which led detectives to believe that he had been living in this part of the house since moving out last summer.
The next day, when detectives returned for further questioning about his son’s whereabouts, the couple came outside once again and hugged each other tightly. When asked if they had seen their son today, both answered yes but said he was gone now.
He had left early this morning after telling them he was going hunting alone in some nearby woods. With new evidence showing that he could be closer than expected, detectives set off in pursuit – but never caught him.

Why has no one been charged with murder in this case?

No one has been charged with murder in the Stephanie Parze case. The district attorney said that because of the lack of evidence, there is no way to definitively say who killed her.
The DA also said that as more evidence comes in, they will be able to narrow down their suspect list and will be able to make a stronger case for either first-degree or second-degree murder charges.
But it may take a while before they have enough evidence, due to the fact that these cases can often take years of investigation and prosecution before charges are finally filed.
If you have any information about this case, please call the authorities immediately so they can get this process started.
Until then, we can only hope for justice for Stephanie and her family. Stephanie Parze’s killer(s) deserves to pay for what they’ve done.



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