Short notes on seizures

Short notes on seizures
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Consciousness is one of the main states which grants humans the power to appropriately react to their surroundings. Losing it often can lead to many consequences. It is important to know the causes of consciousness loss. One reason for the loss of consciousness is a seizure. It is a condition where the sending of uncontrollable electrical signals occurs due to the malfunctioning of the brain cells. Some patients are advised to know the gabapentin 800 mg price and make a purchase of medicines from gabapentin 800 mg for sale while the rest choose different remedies as per a doctor’s recommendation.

How do seizures influence your body?

Neurons relay electrical signals with each other. One neuron can network with thousands of neurons for communication. The established networks help in the performance of various tasks such as storing memories, solving problems, and accordingly traveling around. The firing of electrical signals is the root cause of a seizure. This occurs due to a malfunction. This process will involve all neurons.

The degree of severity of a seizure depends on the number of malfunctioning neurons.  Frequent occurrence of malfunction will negatively affect brain cells and makes it easy for seizures to take place. The brain cells can be damaged or destroyed if the duration of seizures lasts long. There is a possibility of permanent brain damage if neurons of certain brain regions promote seizures regularly. Your blood chemistry can also be disturbed by seizures.

Who are the main targets of a seizure?

No one is an exception to seizures, however, certain medical conditions can promote seizures. A seizure can target or attack people more as per their age. Children are common targets of epilepsy and seizures, however, they can overcome them with help of medical treatment. It is believed that people older than 50 have a higher risk of developing seizures or epilepsy due to health history like a stroke.

Can I identify symptoms of a seizure?

Most people reported sensing a seizure attack before it took place. Prodrome can include a warning signal known as an aura, which is known for the focal seizure; affects only one region of the brain.  The moment a focal seizure starts spreading is an indication that a severe seizure is about to take place. Auras take different forms, of which a few are listed below.

  • Sensory symptoms: Aura attacks the brain region that is important for the regulation of the senses. The malfunctioning neurons can trigger symptoms like seeing distortions on an object.
  • Emotional changes: Many patients affected by aura can experience negative emotions such as anxiety, or positive feelings like joy. Some may share experiencing jamais vu or déjá vu.
  • Autonomic symptoms: Automatic running brain is an outcome of auras. The brain automatically generates drooling, sweating, and transforming skin colour. Gastric uprising is one common result of an aura.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that seizures can occur in any part of the brain and cause damage. Young children and individuals above the age of 50 have a higher risk of epilepsy and seizures. The presence of an aura can trigger various sensory, emotional, and autonomic symptoms. It is crucial to consult a healthcare professional before checking out gabapentin 800 mg price from gabapentin 800 mg for sale as it is one common drug taken for healing seizures.


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