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You probably use your MP3 player or iPod to listen to music while you work out. You may even listen to informative podcasts. But did you realize that you can use your MP3 player to deliver your actual workout routine? Twenty-something years ago, I used workout albums. Remember albums? I had a nice collection of aerobics albums (yes, think legwarmers!) and would do the routines in my home, in front of the mirror where I could check my form as I listened.

Exercise videos soon replaced my aerobic albums, which eventually lost their place when showed up. But the premise is the same…the workout routine comes to you, at your convenience. These days, I use my MP3 player in the same way I used to those albums. However, there are many new benefits that go beyond the convenience of being able to work privately at home free download mp3.

MP3 workouts are portable. Your workouts fit inside your player and you take them wherever you want. No player or (if you’re stuck in the 80’s) turntable required. These MP3 files take up no physical space…only hard drive space, which is getting cheaper every day.

MP3 workouts are also infinitely customizable. You can choose from hundreds of different audio exercise programs – from walking, running, yoga, strength training – even martial arts. And the cost of each workout program is low so changing your workouts often is easy and affordable.  The summer is a great time to join a recreation center. I live in Long Beach NY and I swim with the Aquafit Masters, in Eisenhower Park in Long Island NY, under the adult swim lessons – yes, only adults welcome!! It takes about 25 minutes to get there, so it’s not that bad.

Once you get in the pool you swim your worries away. I’ve been swimming without my swim mp3 player for a long time because I need a replacement and I must say I miss it so much because it is such a great thing to swim with. My coach gets mad I think because she doesn’t think I can hear her but I can!! I have to wear earplugs anyway when I don’t use the swim player. MP3 players are much better than old fashioned CD and tapes players because they are far more practical for use when working out and being on the go.

In the age of CD players, it was almost impossible to take your music out with you if you went for a jog, because the constant pounding movements created as you ran would cause the laser in the player to skip and this would cause the sounds from the CD to jerk and stop.

Shocks and jerky movements like these will not cause your MP3 player to skip, meaning that you can have continuous high-quality playback as you jog. MP3 players are also incredibly light weight and easy to attach to running clothing, so they do not have to slow you down or get in your way. It is even possible to attach some players download mp3 to your wrist, like a watch, making it easier to check your times and to change the song as you go.

Many people choose to create special playlists to listen to when they work out. Studies show that the rhythmic speed of your playlist can hugely affect your athletic performance. When volunteers in one experiment were given slow music to listen to whilst they rode stationary exercise bikes, their performances decreased by up to 10% compared to when they were played music at an average speed; conversely, when they were played faster music, their performances increased.


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