Online Gifts You Can Send to Your Loved Ones in Pakistan


Just because you live abroad doesn’t mean you can’t send your family and friends some special gifts during the holidays or on special occasions. The internet has made it possible to find great online gift shops, offering everything from home decor to jewellery to children’s toys that can be delivered right to the doorstep of your loved ones in Pakistan with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you have relatives or close friends who are based in Pakistan, take advantage of these 4 online gifts that can be sent to Pakistan as a simple way to show them how much you care about them and love them!

1) Rumi’s Delight: Dried Fruits & Nuts

Rumi’s Delight is a great online gift for your loved ones in Pakistan. The company offers a variety of dried fruits and nuts that are perfect for any occasion. The website is easy to navigate and the prices are very reasonable. 

2) Teddy Time: Soft Toys from Around the World

Teddy Time is an online store that specializes in selling soft toys from around the world. The company was started by two friends who met while studying abroad in the United Kingdom. After finding it difficult to find good quality, affordable soft toys for their children, they decided to start their own business. 

Teddy Time offers a wide range of soft toys for all ages, including baby dolls, stuffed animals, and plushies. The company also offers a personalized service where you can choose the type of animal, color, and message you would like embroidered on the toy.

3) Experiences: From Cooking Classes to Travel Packages

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it can be tough to know what will resonate with your loved ones. But with a little thoughtfulness, you can give a gift that will create lasting memories. Here are some ideas for online gifts Pakistan that you can send to your loved ones in Pakistan: 

Cooking classes: If your loved one enjoys spending time in the kitchen, sign them up for an online cooking class. They’ll learn new recipes and techniques that they can use for years to come. 

Travel packages: There are plenty of travel companies that offer package deals for Pakistani travelers. Give your loved one the gift of adventure with a travel package that includes airfare, hotel accommodations, and tours of the country’s most popular attractions.

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4) Personalized Wellness Boxes from Vivre Health

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift to send to your loved ones in Pakistan, look no further than Vivre Health! Our personalized wellness boxes are filled with high-quality, health-promoting products that are perfect for anyone on your list. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $100. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!


We all want to send gifts to our loved ones on special occasions, or just because we want to see them happy and know that they are well taken care of. With so many options to send gift in Pakistan, it’s not easy to find the best gift shop that ships to Pakistan and offers high-quality items at reasonable prices.!


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