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New Alternatives to Cinema HD, the Biggest Streaming App


Cinema HD isn’t a perfect streaming app. It can offer the best streaming experience when other apps are not available. You might also consider similar apps to meet compatibility criteria. We’ve compiled a list with the best Cinema HD Alternatives for streaming HD videos on any device.

Tubi TV (For Android, iPhone, Web)

This legal service offers support for all platforms including Android, iOS and Linux. With one premium account, you can access thousands of TV shows and movies on all platforms.


It is another good option, as it offers many entertainment options in one place. You can watch both movies and TV shows on it. It includes news and sports coverage. To enjoy its services, you can choose the monthly plan.

FreeFlix TV

Freeflix TV was designed for Smart TV. FreeflixHQ was its first release in 2017. It is one of the most downloaded APKs in entertainment. The first version received 1 million downloads daily and was subsequently updated daily. Despite intense competition, it is still striving to be popular like Showbox.

The app can be downloaded for different platforms, including Roku.

Viva TV

Dubber: The Viva TV app is steadily increasing in popularity due to its unique features. It offers all the same features of Cinema HD, and has received a staggering 5,000,000 active instalments in the last month.


The original Play Store app was regarded as the best iOS movie app. It pulls in real-time links so users can access HQ content. It was finally released as an Android app after a long delay. It can be downloaded on both mobile and TVs.

Smartphones: iPhones, iPads, and Android

Smart TV: Firestick, Android TV, Roku. Chromecast. Xbox, Mi Box. PS3 and 4.

ZiniTevi can be installed without rooting your phone or jailbreaking it.

Last words!

These are only a few examples of similar apps. For more apps, keep checking this page. We hope that you enjoyed this article. We would love to hear your thoughts on this article and if you have any suggestions for new apps.

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