More Things to Do Before You Move


There are literally hundreds of things to do before moving, but packing will take up at least half of your time. However, before you can start packing anything, you will need to sort through all of your belongings and make a decision about what you do and do not want to bring with you. These are things that you formerly had an interest in but no longer do because of one reason or another.


It could be something as simple as clothes or toys that have become too small for the children, or it could be athletic equipment that you no longer have a need for. You could also be relocating from a colder climate to a warmer one, in which case you won’t have a need for those warm jumpers or doonas any longer.

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How to get rid of extra items of merchandise

Even though it is possible to hold a garage sale, the preparations take a lot of time, and you have to be present for the entire weekend in order to set up, sell, and pack up the items that were left over after the sale. It is possible that selling your unwanted items on websites such as Gumtree or eBay will be simpler for you, particularly if you have an iPhone because this will allow you to accomplish the selling practically anywhere. If you decide to go this route, you should get started at least three weeks before the day you want to move because goods don’t always sell right away.

Maintain pricing at a level that is fair. The fact that some individuals used to adore their possessions contributes to an exaggerated estimation of the value of the items in their possession by those individuals. Because other individuals are not emotionally invested – at least not yet – they will not want to pay an excessive amount. They go shopping at these kind of establishments in order to save money.

What else is missing from your to-do list?

What more needs to be done in preparation for the move, except getting rid of any unnecessary items? Make sure that your address reflects your new location once you move. Depending on how you often spend your time, this may not be as simple and fast as it initially appears. It’s possible that several places will need your new address, including the following:

  • Subscriptions to periodicals such as magazines or newspapers
  • Insurance
  • Credit cards Automobile registration Banks and utility companies (if you plan to remain in the same city)
  • licence to drive available at online retailers like Amazon or Paypal
  • Taking care of mail and packages

After you relocate, you will need to visit the post office to make arrangements for the forwarding of your mail for a predetermined amount of time. This will allow you to catch anyone that you forgot to inform know about your new address, and then you will be able to get in touch with them and provide them with your new address.

Getting utilities cancelled

When you give notice to your utilities of your move to a new location, you will also be required to make arrangements for when the old services will be terminated and when the new services will begin. If you are moving inside the same city, this won’t be a problem, but if you are moving to a new city, you will need to research who the new service providers are. Your real estate agent ought to be able to provide assistance in this matter.

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