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Kayla Rae Vesce: Inside The Life

Kayla Rae Vesce

Kayla Rae Vesce (born January 11, 1996) is an American actress best known for her roles in My Babysitter’s a Vampire and Let it Shine. In addition to acting, she has participated in athletic events, including three years of track and field at school and as part of the United States national bobsled team under coach Ben DeLuca. Outside of acting, she has done charity work with the Starlight Children’s Foundation , the Make-A-Wish Foundation , and the Special Olympics. She holds dual citizenship in the United States and Canada.

[Kayla’s Bio]

Twenty-four year old Kayla Rae Vesce is a biracial (white and black) fashion designer, musician, and blogger who has created herself as the epitome of Black excellence. Born in Brooklyn, NY to parents who both descended from the Southern United States, Kayla’s love for design blossomed at age five when she would look through her mother’s racks of clothing and draw what she saw.
Beginning piano lessons at age seven exposed her to different genres of music which also sparked her fascination with creativity. Around this time Kayla also discovered how to make clothes with her grandmother’s sewing machine. She soon became one of the top designers at church even though she had only made two or three dresses by then.

[Kayla’s Advice on Self Care]

It’s hard to find the time and energy to take care of yourself. But if you want to stay healthy, happy, and productive, it’s important not to neglect yourself. My self-care routine includes 7 things that help me feel my best so I can focus on everything else.
1. Sleep a full 8 hours of sleep each night
2. Spend at least 10 minutes meditating each day
3. Stay hydrated with water
4. Eat breakfast
5. Exercise
6. Laugh
7. Say no when appropriate

[Kayla’s Thoughts On Her Latest Netflix Appearance]

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Netflix documentary, The Great Hack. I was contacted by the production company and they told me they were making a documentary on hacking and privacy. I thought it sounded like an interesting project but wasn’t sure how much of my life I wanted to reveal.
In the end, I decided to go with it because there is no way for anyone who doesn’t have something published in a major newspaper that has some type of video footage or film about them to say what really happened. It was an amazing experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

[Kayla’s Thoughts On Slowing Down In 2019]

I’m not slowing down this year. I’m going to do the same things that I always do, but just maybe less of them. My goal is to get up earlier and work out more consistently, both of which make me feel better and are good for my mental health.
I also want to be a better friend, daughter, sister-in-law, auntie and fiancee. It’s time for me to take care of myself. In 2019, it’s about being present in the now and stopping stressing about what might happen in the future that’s out of my control.

[Kayla’s Upcoming Appearances]

April 20th- Kayla will be at the Capitol Records Building to celebrate the release of Apple Music’s newest original series, Clique.
April 26th- Kayla will be a judge for the first annual L.A. Fashion Awards.
April 27th- Kayla will be hosting the Bay Area’s first annual Virtual Reality Summit, where she’ll also give a keynote speech on gender in VR and AR.
July 11th- Kayla will be presenting her work at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles, CA.

[Kayla’s Background Story]

When I was a little girl, I was always outside playing with the other kids in my neighborhood. I loved to be active and social. We would play kickball or jump rope together. But as time went on, I noticed that while some of the girls were still playing out on the streets, others had gone inside and were instead sitting in front of their TVs or computers. That’s when it hit me: we needed something for these girls to do.
I started taking dance classes at a local studio near my house. And slowly but surely, more girls from our block joined in too! For many of them, dancing became an important part of their lives–and mine too!

[The Early Days of YouTube]

YouTube is an incredible platform to reach out to your audience. In order to get the most out of it, here are my tips for building a YouTube audience.
1) Start off with a good introduction video to introduce yourself and talk about what you’re going to do on your channel.
2) Find out who your target audience is before you start making content.
3) Use the YouTube suggested videos section as a way of finding new channels that might be similar to yours and seeing what their audiences like.
4) Be consistent with posting videos. You want people coming back every day or week in order for them to build a relationship with you and your channel.
5) Engage with other YouTubers in the comments section!

[Kayla’s Tips For Building A YouTube Audience]

I started out making videos as a hobby. I was going to college at the time, and I just found YouTube to be an awesome outlet for creativity. I would spend hours shooting, editing and perfecting a video before putting it up for the world to see.
It wasn’t until about two years ago when my videos began to go viral that things changed and people started recognizing me in public. My goal with YouTube has always been to create entertaining content that people will enjoy watching. It’s been amazing watching my channel grow over the years.

[Favorite YouTube Videos Of All Time]

I have a lot of favorite videos on YouTube. One of them is of a woman who tries to use the ice-bucket challenge as an opportunity to raise awareness for ALS. It goes really well, but she ends up getting tagged by another person who is also trying to raise awareness for ALS, and it turns into this whole thing where she’s being drenched in ice water from all directions. It’s hilarious.



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