Just Go With It Cast

Just Go With It Cast

Just Go With It Cast

The Just Go With It cast includes many famous faces from Hollywood. From Nicole Kidman to Nick Swardson to Gabe Decker, there are many actresses and actors you can recognize from the film. Read on for more information on these stars. They have the right mix of talent and charisma to make any film a success.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are the leading men and women in “Just Go With It,” a remake of the classic ’60s comedy. The film’s cast also includes Nicole Kidman, Bailee Madison, and Brooklyn Decker. It will be released in theaters on February 11.

In “Just Go With It,” Aniston plays an office manager who poses as a plastic surgeon’s wife. The movie’s stars include Aniston’s real-life daughter, Bailee Madison, and her son, Griffin Gluck. The cast recently reunited at the birthday party of Disney star Ricky Garcia. They posted a photo of themselves side-by-side on Instagram.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman in Just Go With It is a disappointing movie, and she’s not the only one. The movie is based on a French stage farce, Cactus Flower, and features a cliche love triangle and fake personas and accents. It’s also a little bit of a waste of money. Nicole Kidman is an Oscar winner, and her performance as Katherine is a highlight, but the film falls flat overall.

Nicole Kidman, 55, stars as a college classmate of Jennifer Aniston in this studio comedy. The movie’s characters are well-written and believable, but the performances aren’t perfect. Nicole Kidman, however, doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. In “Just Go With It,” she plays a woman who is fiercely competitive with Jennifer Aniston. In the film, she vies against Jennifer Aniston in a hula competition. She also frenches her weird husband.

Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson, the actor who plays Eddie in the comedy Just Go With It, is 45 years old. He has appeared in more than thirty-three films. Since the release of Just Go With It, Swardson has made fourteen movies. His credits include Almost Famous, Click, 30 Minutes or Less, That’s My Boy, and Grown Ups 2. He is also a writer and actor. He has also acted in other movies, including Seduced: Pretty When You Cry and Grandma’s Boy.

Aside from Swardson, the movie also features Nicole Kidman and Brooklyn Decker. Nicole Kidman, the Australian model and actress, has appeared in numerous hit films. Her most recent project is the TV show Big Little Lies. Brooklyn Decker, who plays Palmer, has been seen in numerous movies, including The Morning Show, Battleship, Stretch, and Grace and Frankie.
just go with it cast

Just Go With It is an American romantic comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan and written by Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling. Adam Sandler, a popular actor, plays the titular character, Danny Maccabee, a successful plastic surgeon who uses his old unhappy marriage story to attract women. However, when his ploy backfires and he falls in love, he ends up in embarrassing situations.

If you’re a fan of Adam Sandler movies, you’ll enjoy the romantic comedy “Just Go With It.” Nick Swardson is one of the leading characters. The cast also includes Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston. The movie’s cast is comprised of mostly well-known actors.

Gabe Decker

Gabe Decker is an actor with plenty of experience. In addition to starring in TV series and movies, he also has appeared on the big screen. He has worked with Octavia Spencer, Michael Chiklis and Cheryl Hines. His most recent role was in Netflix‘s “Locke and Key.” He has also been in the works for the show’s second season.


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