Injuries that Occurred in Your Apartment: Can You Sue Your Landlord?

Injuries that Occurred in Your Apartment: Can You Sue Your Landlord

We now spend twice as much of our waking hours at home, whether because we work from home, our kids are on a remote learning schedule, or we were one of the thousands of people who lost our jobs due to the pandemic. As a result, there are now significantly more chances of getting hurt at home. 

Calls from tenants seeking information about their legal rights after being injured at home have increased. They are curious about their legal options since they fear their landlords would take action against them in retaliation if they decide to sue them for their damages. Boston, MA personal injury lawyer will provide you with all the legal help you require.

Causative Factors of Accidents at Home

  1. Slip and fall accidents on ice and snow are.

One of the most frequent accident scenarios is slipping on ice or snow as you enter or leave a rental property. Unless the tenant is relatively negligent and is greater than 50% liable for his or her own injuries, the landlord has a duty to the tenant who tumbles and falls on icy surfaces in a common area of the establishment if the homeowner fails to take reasonable precautions in removing the snow and ice.

  1. Damaged stairwells, handrails, and stairs.

Stair railings and handrails provide essential safety duties. Handrails are a barrier to prevent somebody from slipping onto the floor or the ground below and give a handhold to avoid falls. A tenant is repeatedly at risk of suffering serious injury or perhaps death if the railing is missing or damaged. The State Building Code for Massachusetts specifies in considerable detail where and when railings are necessary and the details of their measurements. Any subsequent legal action against the property owner may be considered a violation of these rules of evidence.

  1. Damaged carpeting or flooring.

Be sure to promptly write to your landlord to let them know about any tripping risks you find in your unit or any shared spaces. Keep it as proof that you provided notice by sending an email or text as soon as possible. Landlords occasionally claim they were unaware of the flaw and never had a chance to “act reasonably” and address the issue. Your notice will nullify such a defense.

If I File a Lawsuit over Injuries I Sustained in my Apartment, may my Landlord Evict me?

Naturally, a landlord may act in either manner for lawful reasons. Still, they are not permitted to do so in retaliation for your filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for your damages.


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