How to use Stone Laminates to Decorate Restaurant Entrances

Stone Laminates
Stone Laminates

We all know that the first impression is the last. You have only a chance to impress your visitors if you’re a restaurant owner. A patron focuses mainly on entry areas inside and outside of a restaurant. The entryway of these places carries their essence and vibe for the visitors in the first place.


Therefore, decorating your restaurant’s entry area is very difficult. It would require some touch of elegance with utmost familiarity and warmth. So, you can’t decide the decorating ideas within a snap. It would require deep research and brainstorming. But the list is not ended here. You would have a headache regarding the expenses behind the entrance decor.


If you’re searching for an alternative which would meet both the requirements of elegant appeal and cost-saving, stone laminates from Royale Touche are the best options you can opt for. But in many cases, you don’t know how to decorate the entranceways of restaurants with laminate sheets. So, let’s find out some effective decorative ideas which would transform the appearance of your restaurant’s entryways with the help of stone laminates.


How can you use Stone Laminates in decorating the entrance of a restaurant?


Stone laminates are popular in interior and exterior decoration due to their natural yet glamourous appearance. The laminate sheets are made of components like PVC, resins, stone powders and different types of additives, and these give the sheets strength, durability and a sleek appearance.


Select a theme


If you’re just starting your restaurant, select a theme first. For example, our decorative stone laminates are a suitable choice if you want a natural look for your restaurants. On the other hand, you can choose different other themes; this will help you to channel your thoughts regarding the decoration of the place. Else, you’ll end up with immense confusion.


Use eye-catching artworks and decor


You can use some local or theme-based artworks at the entrance of the restaurants. Moreover, by using decorative laminates, you can easily improve the appearance of the artwork at the entrance.


With the help of local or theme-based artworks, you can easily connect to the customers. Additionally, simple stone laminates would complement the artworks and decor items at the entrance of your restaurant.


Experiment with colours


Stone laminates are available in different colours. So, you can add characters with different shades of colour. As colours convey our emotions, using the right shade for a restaurant’s interior or exterior decoration is wise. Laminate sheets with proper shades and textures can easily reflect the characters of any colour.


Light-friendly materials


Stone laminates have a glossy and smooth texture which can reciprocate to the lights. Therefore, laminate sheets can help you to enhance the appearance of the restaurant’s entrance. So. whether your restaurant is big or small, the reflective property of the stone laminates can make it look broader and more positive.


Decorate ceiling and flooring


When it comes to decorating the entrance of your restaurant entrance, the ceiling and flooring are very much underrated. You can easily use some decorative laminates with different textures and colours for the ceiling and flooring. On the other hand, using stone laminates in the top and flooring would give you an elegant-looking entrance.


Make your waiting area interesting


Your restaurant entrance can become interesting if you decorate its waiting area. If you keep laminate sheets containing diverse patterns and textures, that will help to improve the look of the furniture. Some furniture out of your restaurant entrance will be utilised when you have a huge rush. Laminate s you’re trying to renovate the restaurant entrance; you can choose Royale Touche’s stone laminates. Being one of the best laminate brands in India,  Royale Touche has provided a wide variety of stone laminates. You can easily install improved-quality stone laminates at the restaurant’s entrance.


But you can easily enhance the look of the restaurant entrance with the stone laminates. Do you want to know more about the exterior decoration of a restaurant entrance, you can get help from the professionals from Royale Touche, one of the premium laminate manufacturers in India. To get more info on stone laminates, you can WhatsApp or email us.












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