How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise And Lose Weight Keys

How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise And Lose Weight Keys

With summer just around the corner, our goal of feeling good, in shape, and at the right weight becomes more important than ever. And, as a rule, it usually includes starting to do some sports and losing some of those extra kilos that we have carried since winter.

Something that involves organizing you with weekly menu planning, changing habits, and, especially in summer, reducing snacking.

And just as important as a good diet is exercising, also with a schedule that helps us avoid eating out of boredom. “As with food, the ideal is to plan physical activity; it will be easier to comply with it if we establish a schedule from the beginning,” says the doctor. In this article we will show you how you can perform well for weight loss.

How to motivate yourself to exercise and lose weight

The first step in our mission to look great in bikini time, as is often the case with everything, is always the most difficult to take. However, once we get into the habit, what will be difficult for us is to stop.

To begin with, don’t push yourself too hard

Don’t try to go from 0 to 100; getting a routine when doing sports is not easy and you don’t lose weight overnight. Being too demanding of yourself will only lead you to abandon your purpose. Start with 1 or 2 days a week to get the rhythm and gradually increase the sessions from there.

Get organized

Reserve 2 or 3 hours a week in your calendar to exercise and respect them. Try to always have it at the same time of day to help you get into the rhythm and be consistent; it will be the key to success.

Guided exercise

Doing sports on your own will always be more complicated. Join a gym and follow a routine prescribed by a qualified professional; Not only will it help you be consistent and not give up, but you will also avoid injuries and specifically work on the areas that interest you.

Set goals

Meeting goals is always a pleasure, so the best way to motivate yourself is to establish small challenges in your sports routine. For example, train three days a week, run an extra kilometer on the treadmill, tone up, gain more muscle, reach physical fitness… Set achievable goals.

Take the opportunity to start eating well

Don’t forget to hydrate well and drink plenty of water.

Alone or accompanied? It is good to look for someone who pulls you and you pull him in moments of weakness. But if you can’t find anyone who is interested, another option is to sign up for group classes; Relationships between colleagues help and motivate when strength falters.

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Treat yourself and release it

It’s not a necessity…, but it always motivates. Start by buying a nice look that feels good to go to the gym or start your sports activity, not outfitting yourself with your worst t-shirt. And after two or three weeks, buy yourself something for a night out… one size smaller.

Take care of your body

Avoid everything that could ruin your purpose; Minimize both soreness and the risk of harm or injury with a good warm-up, stretching after exercise, and controlling your breathing. Going to a physiotherapist is of great help for fine-tuning and maintaining bone and muscle health.

Away with stereotypes

Practicing physical exercise is a healthy habit that reduces stress, improves self-esteem, and produces happiness. Choose the sport you like the most without getting carried away by prejudices; neither Pilates is focused on women nor cross training for men, you decide.

Rest and don’t get exhausted. Just as important as having regular physical activity is knowing when to stop. Set free days to disconnect and sleep eight hours at night, this way you will perform better the next day.


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