How to Modernize Your Aging Home in Malvern, PA

Aging Home in Malvern

Owning a home is a big step to take. Maybe you spent years living in an apartment, with your parents at the home you grew up in, or with friends in a townhome. Deciding to become a homeowner represents an investment in your future. As you pay off the mortgage, you are building equity in the home, resulting in more profit down the road if you choose to sell. No matter your motivation for buying a home, it can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

One of the great benefits of being a homeowner is being able to personalize the property. Perhaps you moved into an older home and you have visions of turning it into a modern work of art. Maybe you have lived in your home for twenty years and decide that it is time for an upgrade. When you own an aging property, investing in upgrades might be a foregone conclusion to keep the home comfortable.

What can you do to modernize your aging home in Malvern, PA? Here are a few ideas to consider.

New Garage Style

A garage door can have a significant effect on curb appeal. Whether it is attached to your home or part of a separate structure, the garage door is a large feature that might be one of the first things that a passerby notices. For this reason, you may want to put it at the top of your priority list to modernize the exterior of the house. Fortunately, some popular garage door trends are not high-maintenance projects. A hallmark of modern design is minimalism. This means that, at least visually, there is not a lot going on. Straight lines, high contrast colors, and sharp angles can give your garage door a cleaner, more modern look. You could add some unique materials like copper to make the feature stand out without being too pronounced. It is also common for modern garage doors to focus on energy efficiency.

Larger Windows

Another element of modern home design is the use of natural lighting. While older homes may have a higher number of small windows, modern homes incorporate much larger windows, often that take up an entire wall. The effect unites the outdoors with the interior spaces and reflects natural sunlight throughout the home more effectively. While this project can be larger in scale, the aesthetic appeal of the new windows can propel the value of the property to new heights. Since many people adapted to spending more of their time at home in the last few years, the benefits of natural lighting have become major selling points for potential buyers.

Replace Outdated Siding

The type of siding that your home has plays a massive role in overall curb appeal. It represents the foundation of design for all the other elements of the exterior like windows, roof, garage doors, and more. If you have outdated materials for your siding, then not only is the aesthetic appeal reduced, but you could be in danger of water damage and poor insulation. Say, for example, your Malvern home has stucco siding. A stucco remediation project can replace that aging material with a newer aesthetic that contributes to the modern style, such as stone. New siding will also create a more energy-efficient home that cuts down on the cost of utilities.

Focus on Functionality

One of the pillars of modern home design is that everything has a purpose. The furnishings, the decorations, the layout of the rooms, and the exterior elements all serve a functional purpose in the name of minimalism. This creates a sense of calm that homeowners and their guests can enjoy. Materials used for construction are typically durable and high-quality. Furniture in your home might serve multiple purposes and is arranged in simple, geometric shapes. Since minimalism is the goal, there is very little clutter, which means more space is available for those who live in the home or guests that visit.

Soften the Limited Palette with Natural Elements

High-contrast colors are a staple of modern home design, as well as a limited color palette. Homes with this style make use of colors like black, grey, and white with little blending. However, this high-contrast, geometric style can be softened with more natural elements. A home with primarily black siding can be complemented with light-colored wood features. Stone columns or pillars near the entryway will soften the effect of the harsher tones on the exterior of the house. This adds to the concept of uniting the interior with the outdoors.

Small Steps Make a Big Impact

Maybe the idea of renovating your entire Malvern, PA home to be modern is unrealistic. Fortunately, there is no rulebook about what styles your home can imitate. You don’t have to commit to a complete overhaul of your aging house’s interior and exterior to modernize it. There are creative ways to incorporate modern elements into your home’s current style that will not make it unappealing.

When in doubt, speak with a home design professional who can envision the effect that your desired changes will have. Sometimes, a simple upgrade like some new windows or a different style for the garage door can have a larger impact on the overall look of the home than you might expect.


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