How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Handles: A Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Designing and renovating the kitchen can be challenging, and it all comes down to the tiniest details. Many people overlook installing the handles in the kitchen, but they are as important as any other kitchen equipment or hardware. After all, they add beauty and charm to the room. So, there are handles with different colours available in various online stores. For instance, if you purchase black kitchen handles, they will look elegant with cabinets of any colour. Well, black complements any colour, but make sure you choose the ones of superior quality. A minor error can mismatch the entire dining area and kitchen appearance. So, if you are baffled about choosing kitchen handles, you can consider the following factors:

  1. The Type of Door Handles

You must determine the type of door handles you require. Some types include knobs and pull. And choosing from one of those types will entirely depend on how you prefer to style your kitchen. You can also attain round and square knobs that look fantastic on narrow drawers. And when it comes to pulls, it will look excellent on long and wide drawers.

The handles are also called the kitchen’s jewellery. They must look classy and heighten the style of the cabinet. And in case you want something decorative, you can look for such handles in online stores. 

  • The Quality and Function of the Handles

It is essential to choose high-quality handles. After all, a premium-quality one can endure the test of time and last longer. The function of the handles, like knobs and pulls, is to open the closed cabinet to remove plates or other items, which you will frequently be doing. Hence, the handles must be strong, robust and functional. It is also recommended to test them out before purchasing. You must make sure they can be gripped and pulled with ease. And it is vital to have a good grip, particularly for elderly people with joint issues and people with large hands. 

  • Warranty

While many stores offer several types of kitchen handles in different designs and styles, you must choose a store that provides a warranty. And if the warranty of a specific handle is ten years or more, you can ensure that it is made up of high-quality materials and is totally worth it. 

  • The Price of the Handles

The kitchen handles range from 5 to 40 dollars, depending on the material and quality. That said, a few online stores impose prices for products of poor quality. Hence, you must read the specifications thoroughly and gain details from a consultant at the store. You can also set a budget before purchasing, and some online retailers will allow you to buy kitchen handles in bulk at a low price. So, you can look for budget-friendly yet high-quality products. 

  • The Size of the Handles

You will find handles of different lengths and sizes, and you can mix and match their length. And although the drawer length might be different, you can use handles of the same size for a uniform look. Also, you can consult your kitchen designer to help you choose from a small-sized, medium-sized and large-sized handle. 

  • The Material and Finish of the Handles

Aluminium handles are quite common, and zinc alloy is fit and tough for a smooth and spotless wrap-up. Other handles include plastic, steel and polished brass. Additionally, black kitchen handles have an excellent glossy and matte finish. And finishes that go with chrome faucets are clear glass, white, black, pewter and dark bronze. 

Picking cabinet handles can be challenging. But you can find various handles for your kitchen online at an affordable rate. So, make sure you scrutinise your options and settle down for the best one. 


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