How many things can I do at the same time – progress summary of my projects



How many things can I do at the same time – progress summary of my projects

This post is not to hesitate but rather to make me see my own limits. Here I give you a summary of the progress of my projects.



I like to do things because I get bored easily. When I don’t feel a bit overwhelmed, I think I’m wasting my time. This is normal? Possibly not, but each one is as it is and each madman has his theme. In my case there are several.



As you know many of my posts are especially for me because they help me reflect the situation I am experiencing and through the writing of these lines identify opportunities, risks and in the case of this post also my limits. How far can I go with so many topics?


Let us begin.


1. Purchase of premises

Do you remember that I told you that I am possibly going to buy two stores at the same time? Well, it looks like I’m going to do it. In Germany the financing is already approved and in Spain we are about to have it. This step will allow us to take a leap when it comes to developing business both in Spain and in Germany. Finally I will also have a place in Germany from where the German team can work.


2. Tesla rental begins

They called me two days ago to give me the news that they are finally going to deliver the first of the two Teslas ordered. It’s about the Model Y. Here by the way I told you about it for the first time. To advance things, we also already registered it on the rental platform. Got a message refusing registration stating they couldn’t insure sports cars. It is the first surprise given that I had the possibility of being able to use Getaround. We are going to insist to see if it was a mistake or if they really consider it a sports car. In another class you have to opt for plan B that I already have.


3. A new international e-commerce project

Yesterday I was confirmed that a large client of a well-known car brand wants to hire me as a consultant for the launch of their e-commerce in 23 countries. Now we are still agreeing on the final budget but it looks very good. I am the preferred candidate among all those who have been presented but also the most expensive apparently. Taking into account that I am already taking on other clients, it will be a challenge to take on one more. In the past, whenever I’ve been at this point I’ve been overwhelmed because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to live up to it. I’m going to put myself once again in this awkward situation. I think I can do it.


4. MarktMaat

We have obtained help from a person external to the project who helps us to mount a small marketing action as always a little different. We’ll see how successful it can be, but I want to see the result.


5. investment tool

We are at a good point and we have made good progress. The tool will have functionalities that will allow us to make better business decisions and also organize all our Amazon operations to another level. The issue of allowing the entry of new investors does not concern me. In fact, I see that it is something so good that only a very small circle will be able to access it.


6. Book about amazon

Thanks to my team I was able to deliver the book on Amazon. They have been a great support in the final phase. The result is very satisfactory. I don’t think there is another book on the market that really gives such detailed instructions to start selling on Amazon from scratch and without the help of third parties.


7. Alternative Investment Book

My decision is made. When I finish a book I start with the next one. I’ve already announced that it was going to be the one for alternative investments. As I like to speak judiciously, it has the advantage that I will have to take the leap and make investments in the first person in assets such as Rolex watches, sports cars, etc. With whiskey I have already started although I have put it aside lately. I’m going to have to get my act together one more time.


8. Project X

I’m going to call it project x because I don’t want to say too much about it. This project is very promising and has to do with NFT. Nor would I have imagined getting into this topic. At the moment this is all I am going to tell you, although I may have already revealed some more details to you in the past. Now I’m too lazy to review it… 😉


There are other projects that I have left in the pipeline (vending machine, purchase of a hotel, new brands on Amazon, etc.). Especially those that are already active such as agency and client consulting. This post would be too long for me.


All this would not be possible without the help of an internal and external team. In total, between Germany and Spain, we are now ten internal people who work full or part time on the different projects (at the level of internal teams in Germany and Spain).


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